Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12 @ Sportsman's Club of Franklin County

November, maybe early December was the last visit.

Pretty much had the place to ourselves.  Rifle and pistols shooters coming and going (they have a separate gate controlled area).

After shooting a couple of rounds of skeet a NY shooter arrived and we shot trap.

No machine or target problems.

The club throws Lawry targets and no complaints.  The grass grows green so whatever Lawry is using to make them environmental friendly is right on the money. 

PAT Trap skeet machines in all three fields and a PAT Trap in the lone trap house.

Target counter field #2

The club is open 12 months a year and winter weather doesn't seem to bother the machines. When I used to shoot in freezing weather at my old club we'd let the PAT Trap run for 10-15 minutes before use. Could be longer depending on the temperature.

It can be noisy around the skeet low house, as PAT machines are not quiet.

Looks like the fields were recently raked, as no target debris. 

Last year the bathrooms were rehabilitated and this year the entrance hallway leading into the main part of the building was blown up.  Looks like a large closet is being put in.  A good use of space. 

The clubs rifle/pistol range has seen big changes (for the good) the last few years.  A nice range and available seven days a week.

We usually drop in a couple of times a month, maybe will see you sometime.

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