Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 2016 @ Club L'Acadie

A Friday trip to Club de Tir L'Acadie

I shot the practice sporting clays course (think FITASC parcour), located between the Olympic bunker traps and the rifle/pistol range.  It has eleven (11) machines, to include two rabbit machines, set in a circle.

We moved a plastic bucket around to designate shooting station. You want to shoot a long bird, so be it.  30 yard crosser, not a problem.  We just moved the bucket.  A few directions you couldn't shoot, like towards the access road.

No set presentations.  Bring out 25 shells and shoot what you want, from any machine when it's your turn.  On your call; singles, reports, following pair, true pair. 

No slow targets.  Targets flying fast.   Think the length of a sheet of plywood or more for leads on some of the presentations (depending where the bucket is set).
A good workout for the serious shooter.  The club also has a thirteen (13) machine 5-stand.

Shooting the Rabbit

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