Sunday, June 19, 2016

A400 Xcel - Beretta Update

It's almost been a year and only in the last few weeks that I don't have to overly concentrate on controlling the swing of the firearm, especially in trap.

I've read that it could take up to a year to get comfortable with a new gun and for me it seems to be true.

A long time Remington 1100 shooter and obviously a much different swing.  After a few months of shooting the A400 I added a forend cap weight hoping to smooth out the swing, as I was shooting over targets and had to consecrate on controlling my swing.  It helped, but I still had to work on it.

I was at a fun shoot yesterday (skeet & trap) and missed two targets.

The week prior I attended a trap shoot and the winds were blowing.  Rained on in one round.  Shot a 92.

I think I was on the money in a few outings previously, but had problems with background and overcast skies, having a hard time picking up the target.  Maybe time to think about a different lens color for gray skies.

I couldn't tell you what spare parts to carry, unlike for my wife's Remington 1100 where I carry spare parts to replace anything that can break.  For the A400 I have a spare bolt handle and I did lose a mid bead and when I ordered a preplacement, got two.  I used Loctite when I seated the bead so I doubt it will be a future problem.

The gun is working flawlessly.  I wipe the barrel down with Remington oil after each outing and really don't touch the receiver.  Every three or four weeks I'll take the forearm off, remove the bolt and give it a bit of a cleaning. 

I don't have the KO recoil system and shooting with a 30 inch barrel.

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