Thursday, June 02, 2016

Odds & Ends (Jun 2016)

Not having shot registered trap, nor been on a full squad since last year I was off my game shooting on a full squad at my first registered shoot of the year.

A different pace from shooting with one or two, then being on a full squad.  Didn't even think about it, but noticed quickly.  Also, in the last month I've been shooting trap practice with a tree background.  At the shoot I experienced various backgrounds, depending on the field. The target would just fade from view while trying to keep focus. It wasn't until the afternoon that I was able to keep 100% focus on the target.

Now, what do I take away from this?  Getting older and have to change the way I prepare for a shoot.

There is a couple of clubs in the region where I should of shot practice and assured full squads.  Also, by hitting a few different clubs I would have had the opportunity to shoot different backgrounds.


I was at a sporting clays benefit shoot and the second shoot I was at this year where for a few stations you had to snap shoot the second target, as if not, lost in the trees or hitting the ground.  Attention target setters.  We all don't have eyes of an 18 year old or the reflexes of a baseball shortstop. For sure I don't!


Thankfully, I not yet had the opportunity to eat warmed over hamburgers at a shoot, but I know it's coming : (


I posted previously I ran into a sale on RIO shells at Dick's.  My advice when you hit a sale, buy more then you can afford.  I'm shooting shells that I picked up on sale last year and under no pressure to buy at full price.  Push comes to shove you can always sell at a profit.


One bad knee (cortisone shots) and a second knee that the doc says is worse, but for whatever reason is not painful and not needing a shot.  I can shoot with the knees, painful or not, but throw in a bad back and doesn't make for a fun day.  Back went out at a shoot over the winter and it was maybe 4-5 weeks before I could move freely.  I pop two ibuprofen tablets just before I pick up a gun.


Almost a year I've been shooting my Beretta A400.  So reliable that I almost forget to give it a cleaning from time to time.  Shot everything from expensive to not so expensive shells without issue.  I couldn't tell you what spare parts to carry.  I carry an extra handle, shell catcher, and a mid bead (lost one). 
For my wife's 1100 I carry spare parts for almost anything you imagine that can break during a shoot. I always give the 1100 a good cleaning with Breakfree after every outing.


I ran into a shooter that I've known for a few years.  He always ran a youth skeet program at his club.  Asked how many shooters he had this year, he said none.  A new person in charge of the clubs skeet program basically told him to get lost.  So, because of a clash of personalities, no youth skeet program at the club.  Don't we as a shooting community have enough problems with people trying to close clubs and taking away the right to bear arms and we have this crap going on. 


Pat on the back.  We took our weed wacker to the club today.  We did the fields, around the club house, and the entrance gate.


Received my shoot confirmation for the New York State Sporting Clays Championships being held at Rochester Brooks at the end of July.  Travelling by my lonesome.  5-6 hour drive.  Don't know who I'm shooting with, but should be a good time.


A county in Southern Florida is putting in a new county run gun club.  All the bells and whistles that you can imagine.  For clay target shooters; skeet, trap, 5 stand, sporting clays, and 5 combination Olympic Bunker and International Skeet fields

The sporting course and 5-stand  is suppose to be in this year,  The Bunker and the other clay target disciplines sometime in 2017.

Major Olympic Bunker and International Skeet shoots a given.

I'm assuming at some point an official training facility for Olympic Bunker and International Skeet. 

I imagine a stopover for serious bunker/skeet practice (training) during the winter months.

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