Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fun Shoots and NSCA Not a Good Mix

When I was at the New York State Shoot I was in conversation with someone who was planning shoots for 2017.  Combining fun and ducks unlimited shoots with NSCA shoots came up.

A red flag went up when I heard that.

I guess no harm done if your club routinely throws "skeet in the woods" type target presentations when holding NSCA shoots, as no need to dumb down the course so hunters and first time clay target shooters have a chance of breaking more then 50% of targets.

But, if your normally throwing NSCA targets for the more accomplished shooters, who is your target audience when combining NSCA with a Ducks Unlimited, Wounded Warrior or some such shoot and you don't dumb down the course?

Are you throwing targets for everyone to have a good time, especially the hunters that only shoot clays once or twice a year and the club hopes they return for such shoots in the future and bring a few friends (and, maybe become members of the club)?  Or, letting them get beat up on targets and never to return and tell all there friends about the hard targets they missed?

If you offer NSCA, then NSCA members must shoot NSCA.  No option to pass, fun shoot or not. And, a dumb down course accomplishes what for an NSCA shooter? It does put money in the pocket of the NSCA and the state association, but could kill your future attendance for such shoots.

Just something to think about and the decision the club makes will impact future attendance.

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