Monday, September 05, 2016

Club Huntingdon (Quebec) Fun Trap Shoot

Club de Tir Huntingdon (Sainte-Barbe, Québec)

Tournoi Five Men Team ouvert à tous

Twelve (12) teams selected by random draw.

You couldn’t ask for a better turn out.
Blue skies and just a slight breeze.

Registration opened at 8:30 and the shoot started at 10am.  A good number of shooters getting in practice before the start of the shoot.
A 50 target trap shooting event. Two fields (Pat Traps).  

Six (6) teams shot twenty-five (25) targets on one field and the remaining 6 teams on the other.  Once all teams finished, teams switched fields and shot the remaining twenty-five (25) targets.  A third field was available for practice throughout the day.
The event moved right along and no delays.

The desk ran smoothly. 

Hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch.

Medals awarded to the top three teams, as well as a trophy to high women and man.  A nice number of random draw prizes awarded.
A volunteer club and all hands were on deck.  Hats off to the men and women who ran the shoot.


The club has been at its present locating since 1963.  The club has had good times, as well as bad through those years. 
Approximately four years ago it was going through a bad period. 

I’m not aware of the full story but a group of shooters stepped forward and took steps to turn the club around.

It took a few years, but two Pat traps purchased with wireless voice release.  Heavy equipment was brought in and much needed work to improve the property was done.  A small rifle range was installed.  I’m sure the club house needed work.  A nice size parking lot easily handles a large number of shooters.

A large shipping container was purchased for storage of targets and equipment. As recently as last month trees were bull dozed in the area past the distance stakes on field 1 and 2.

Several fun shoots held each year.

I’m told plans to build a covered porch off the clubhouse is planned for next year.

A good number of the shooters (and family members) at the club are bilingual.

The first few times I visited the club not many accomplished shooters.  Now, a good number could hold there own at a registered trap event.

I don’t often visit the club but I dropped by last month and two squads shooting and 18 guns in the gun rack.   I had to switch fields, but easily shot three rounds with little delay.  When needed they will open a third field (Winchester machine).

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