Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Is your local gun shop easy pickings for an afterhours robbery?

Afterhours robberies from start to finish usual take less than three minutes.  I’ve seen numerous reports of under 60 seconds (crash and grab).   

The latest smash and crab robbery that I came across netted 60 firearms.   A gang of ten being the culprits.

Alarms alert the police or owner, but bad guys long gone before they can respond.

Security camera’s usually only catch video of masked robbers and do little to identify.

A gun shop owner has to rethink its level of protection as a locked door, alarm, and cameras just don’t give the level of protection needed.

Lights and more lights a given.

Security gates or rolled down metal shutters when closed is a must.

Vehicle crash barriers around the perimeter of the store.  A common practice is to steal a vehicle and crash it high speed through the store front.  In and out in under 60 seconds.

And, security gates and barriers don’t always work.

I suspect the answer is a third layer of security that may be cost prohibited for the small store that’s been in business for what seems like forever, but almost a requirement in this day and age.

 A separate walk-in room, within the gun shop, where weapons are not only viewed, but also locked up overnight.   A room built to whatever sized that is needed, but in any case a separate secure room.

The room would be built using concrete block (or poured) with a walk-in vault door.  The floor and roof also protected.  Build it as a separate show room if it makes sense.

Looking around the internet finds a SnapSafe Vault Room Door designed to fit a rough opening of 38"x 82" (standard 36" door opening).  I would imagine larger sizes can be found as needed.

Interior motion alarms a must.  In and outside the room.

Any such room can be broken into if given enough time, but the idea is to slow down the thieves and give police time to respond before they gain entry into the vault area.

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