Thursday, September 01, 2016

Mailing Shotgun or Rifle USPS (New Requirement)

Changes at the Post Office.

Postal Bulletin 22444

Mailing a Shotgun/Rifle.

1. Bear a “Return Service Requested” endorsement.
2. Be sent by Priority Mail Express (with “signature required”) or Registered Mail.
3. Include Signature Confirmation service or insured mail service (for more than $500) requiring a signature

In the past USPS was usually a money saver when shipping. You may want to revisit shipping via FedEx or UPS.


432.4 Indemnity Claims
When indemnity claims pertaining to regulated firearms are filed for loss or damage to contents, claims will only be paid for complete loss under either of the following conditions: a. The regulated firearm has been lost, or b. When the mailer has provided reasonable estimates of firearm’s value and of repair cost from a reputable dealer, and the repair cost exceeds the declared and/ or actual value of the firearm at the time of mailing.

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