Wednesday, September 07, 2016

New ISSF Rules and Regulations approved (Shotgun)

Clay Targets The use of bio-degradable (eco-friendly) clay targets is encouraged in all ISSF Championships. The use of bio-degradable (eco-friendly) clay targets is required in all ISSF World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Mobile Phones Mobile phones or hand-held communication devices many not be used by athletes on the firing lines or shooting stations.

Blinders Only shotgun athletes will be permitted to use side blinders (60 mm maximum depth). Rifle, pistol and shotgun athletes can wear one front blinder 30 mm maximum width), but no side blinders.

Shotgun Ammunition The use of colored wads is prohibited. Only transparent or translucent wads may be used. Strict enforcement of maximum shot charge limits (24.0 g +0.5 g tolerance) will continue.

Shotgun Butt Stocks The lowest point of the butt stock or toe of the butt plate may not be more than 170 mm below a horizontal line extending from the bottom of the shotgun action.

Shotgun Finals The present finals format with a semifinal and two medal matches will be replaced by a progressive elimination format where the sixth place athlete will be eliminated after 20/25/30 shots (skeet/trap/double trap) and the gold and silver medal winners will be determined after 60/50/80 shots.

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