Monday, September 19, 2016

Northeastern Grand American Trap Shoot (Saturday Singles)

I attended the singles championships at the Northeastern Grand American at the NYSATA Home Grounds in Cicero, New York.

A vendor price list.

I watched the weather forecast for a week leading up to the shoot.  The forecast went from rain, to cloudy and a chance of rain in the late PM.  Saturday saw sunny AM skies with wind and cloudy (overcast) with a short sprinkle in the afternoon.  After the sprinkle, winds calmed.
We didn’t pre-register, as a last minute decision to attend.  Highly recommend you pre-register.

Classification, squading, and payment went smoothly.  No credit cards.

390 shooters for singles.

Two fields, 50 targets each.  A break between 25’s.  100 in the AM.  100 in the PM.

We had a machine break on the third round in the first 100.  They ended up replacing the motor.

No problems with the voice release and as long as the sun stayed out, no problem with the background. 

Targets popping in the AM sunlight.  Not so visible (orange) in the PM.  I’m sure many shooters don’t need the sun, but for me to see the target clearly I need the orange to pop.

Running around with the camera I saw some targets that stayed flat or dropped due to the wind.  One shooter had three droppers in a row. Ouch! Watching the flags during the day, it wasn’t a consistent wind.

The club was throwing White Flyer bios.  I shoot a lot of Lawry targets.  What a difference in breaks.  My 1oz. #8 Estates will consistently smoke a Lawry target at 16-yards.  Not so with White Flyer.  I will have to rethink ammunition when shooting White Flyer bios.  Maybe 7 ½ and/or 1 1/8oz.  I really hadn’t noticed it in the past, but the last three or four clubs I shot at were throwing Lawry and the difference in hits was noticeable.

The squad had a good rhythm.   Again, running around with the camera I came across a few squads that were ridiculously slow, and I’m not talking just one to two shooters, the whole squad.  I’m sure by time it was your turn to shoot, you were thinking about anything but shooting.

Parking was non-existent in the Bridgeport part of the club unless you arrived early.  A long walk if you had to park near the vendors.  I’m told there use to be more parking, but for whatever reason the grassy areas used in the past were not available. 
No deals on ammunition.

I suggest you watch the video full screen, via YouTube.

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