Thursday, September 22, 2016

Slow Squads in Trap Shooting

At a recent shoot I observed two very slow squads.  Not one or two shooters per squad, but every shooter on the squad. 

It was agony to watch.  Shooters not ready to go when it was there turn.  Gun mounted for what seemed like forever before they called for a target.

Luck of the draw or they squadded as friends, I have no idea.  Shooters waiting to take the field when they finished were not happy campers. I'm sure not something shoot management is happy to see, as it can cause serious backups.

I read where two squads at the same shoot went out at the same time.  One was a three (3) man squad and the other a five (5) man squad.  50 targets per field.  Shoot 25 targets with a break to get your second box.  Finish the 50 and move to the next field.  When the 5-man squad finished shooting the 50, the 3-man squad was just starting the second 25.

I think we can all put up with a so called slow shooter, but more then two and it's not trap shooting.

I blame it on the shooters home club.

Why, no one sitting down with them at there first few registered shoots at the home club and giving them a few pointers before they start traveling to various clubs?  

I suspect a number of shooters out of the comfort zone of there home club, feel rushed at other shoots and soon stop shooting registered targets.

May I suggest....

1. Prior to the preceding shooters gun being fired.

Shell in gun.

Stance set.

Looking down range.

If you have to towel off, do it before it’s your turn.

2. Preceding shooters gun goes off.

Immediately close gun/action and mount gun.

Once gun is mounted, pause a second while looking down range to let eyes adjust and call for target.

Note:  When you mount your gun and if you have to adjust the mount/sight picture, then your gun doesn’t fit properly and you’re wasting seconds each time.  You should be able to mount the gun repeatedly without having to make adjustments. 

3.  If not your last shot on the pad. 

After you fire your gun.

Shell in gun.

Stance set.

Looking down range.

May I also add? The break between 25’s is not to have a talk session or visit friends.  Retrieve your box of shells, maybe take a drink of water, towel off and back on the line.

You will run into shooters who have their gun mounted before you call for your target.  They are the fast shooters.  Don’t be imitated by them. 
Shoot the pace, as seen in the below video and don't look back.

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