Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Cracked Remington 1100 Stock

Older model Remington. 

The wife was having issues with the gun. I ended up pulling off the stock to give the gun a thorough inspection.   Ended up replacing the O-Ring, but found the beginning of a crack inside the bolt hole.  All my shotguns get a complete tear down each November/December and unless I missed it last year, something that happened in the past year.

Through the years I've replaced everything on the 1100 that can be replaced.  Guess we'll add a stock to the portfolio.

EBay came to the rescue. I found a stock with pad, LOP cut down to what my wife's is. The reduced LOP saved me a few bucks as I don't have to pay to have the stock cut. 

When I get my hands on it (received shipping notification) I will be sending it to GRACO to have an adjustable comb installed.  Through the years they have done several for me.

The adjustable comb on a 1100 makes for an all around gun.  It can be used for both trap and sporting (skeet) with just a change in barrels and an adjustment to comb height.  I'm convinced a must for women, who have different neck size then men.

Will be checking out the condition of the pad when I receive the stock, but hopefully it won't need to be replaced, but if it's hard as a rock.....

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