Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Death of Olympic Doubles Trap

A recommendation has been made to replace the double trap men’s event with a trap mixed gender team competition by an International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Ad-Hoc Committee.

Yes.  The elimination of Double Trap and replaced with a mixed gender Olympic trap singles event. 

The purpose?  To establish gender equality.

As each discipline at the Olympics receives X number of slots and can't be expanded on, some disciplines have to reformat if there is to be more women.

Only a recommendation, but almost a certainty of being approved, but lighting could strike, but unlikely.

Real world.  Olympic doubles trap will die off in many parts of the world, as many countries subsides shooters and / or facilities and they are not going to invest money on a discipline that is no longer an Olympic sport. From what I see only shot sparingly in the USA except for those with Olympic ambitions and will slowly disappear at many ranges.

Doubles trap for women at the Olympics was discontinued after the 2004 summer Olympics. Won by U.S. shooter Kim Rhode.

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