Saturday, February 04, 2017

Feb 3, 2017 @ WW Sporting Clays

WW Sporting Clays (Jacksonville, Florida)

Just shy of 80 degrees.

14 station course with a minimum of two shooting stands per station.  A couple have three stands.

Ken Branham (club instructor) was filling in and running the club. Ken was instrumental in getting the club up and running and until a few years ago ran the day to day operations.  Ken was telling me the WW is the second oldest running club in Florida. 

A nice variety of target presentations.  Tough tower shot (fast) with a small window.  An IC course, no need for anything tighter.  I shot it with LM. 

A not so new station behind the tower.  Wasn't there last year.

A Friday afternoon and maybe two or three other shooters on the course.  I talked to one shooter and he was telling me last week he and wife saw six deer standing in a field.

Shot the course without any issues and as at most sporting clays clubs, credit cards accepted.

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