Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mar 18, 2017 @ Flagler Gun Club

Flagler Gun & Archery Club (Bunnell, Florida)

We paid a visit to the Flagler club for practice trap.  First time this year we shot trap.

When we arrived one field open and by the time we left, three fields open.  15-20 shooters on hand.

Dean Newell told me Saturday trap shooting was the most popular of the two days they offer open shooting.  They also shoot on Tuesday and have a coin operated field so members can pre-purchase coins and shoot seven days a week.

I been coming to the Volusia club for 11-12 years and Dean has been a mainstay. Always lending a hand.  When Dean's around everything seems to run smoothly.  Dean also shares his volunteer time with the Volusia Skeet and Trap club.

 The club recently purchased two PAT traps to replace older machines.

 Dean Newell

First time shooter.  I'm told he shot a 15 and 16.

Club throws back rim targets.  On field #4 both my wife and I found them hard to see, but on field #3 no such problem. The voice release on field #4 was overly sensitive.

A good time and everyone was friendly.

Entry to the club is via a secured gate using a card swipe system.  Your membership card (with photo imprinted), slightly bigger then a credit card, is needed to enter and exit.  Club has a record of the coming and goings of club members and can also disable individual cards if lost or failure to renew.  Sure beats handing out keys or combinations.

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