Monday, August 28, 2017

Tournoi Annuelle Five Men Team @ Huntingdon

Club de Tir Huntingdon (Sainte-Barbe, Québec)

50 targets.

Squad leaders selected by random draw.  Then squad leaders select team members by random draw.

The shoot had ten squads.

Pat traps and voice release.

The shoot moved along and we departed at a decent time.

Best viewed full screen.

I've shot at the club several times in the last few years and I think the best weather they ever had.

Hats off to the ladies working the shoot, as well as other volunteers.

And, whoever made the hamburgers....  They put McDonalds to shame.  I sware my burger was at least a 1/2 pounder.

I lost a bit of video.  Trying out a different camera and still in the learning stage.  Just happened it was a couple of shots I would have really liked to have used.

A tie for first. A shoot out for 1st and 2nd took place.

In Quebec, so French is the language.  The club recognized the Lost Target.  They had kind words (in French) to say, as well as a presentation.

The top three winning team members each received a medal and plenty of door prices to go around.

The club is waiting on delivery of a Wobble Trap and just waiting word on installation so I can try it out.

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