Monday, August 14, 2006

Skeet is easier then trap

I've heard tell that skeet is easier then trap.

Let's see, American trap has only one machine that has been dummied down in the last ten years to throw a narrower target then was seen by previous generations of shooters. The old three hole standard is pretty much a thing of the past.

Yes, skeet does not have a machine that moves left to right, but a skeet shooter is shooting targets thrown from two machines.

Many trap shooters will only shoot at White Flyer's, as they seem to think shooting at other brands of target will lower scores. I know of one club that used to stock two target brands. The no name brand for practice and White Flyer's for registered shoots.

If any change in conditions take place, trap shooters immediately ask for the targets to be reset. In skeet, once the fields are set under no wind conditions, the only requirement is for targets to go through the hoop. Try shooting skeet on a windy day with both targets doing their dance!

In trap, you shoot and shoot with a good rhythm established and no break in action other then a quick move to the next station.

God forbid if you say one word or your not ready to shoot!

In skeet, two minutes may go by before your able to shoot at the next station.

Trap shooting requires a special shotgun in order to shoot with the big boys (and girls) as your always shooting at a raising target. The average trap gun is not often seen at the local bird hunt.

Yes, trap shooting has handicap shooting, but skeet shooters have the .410.

In trap shooting, a move is on to move back to the 30 yard line for handicap shooting, as some perceive the game at 27 yards to easy...

Yes, registered trap has more shooters then skeet and sporting clays, but it may not be for the reason that many think... Could it be that it's perceived as an eaiser game to master?

The bottom line at a major tournament is for both trap and skeet, if you drop one bird your just shooting for fun!

Not so in the game of Sporting Clays...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Making triacetone triperoxide

I looked it up on the internet and found out how to make the bombs that the terrorist were going to use against the airlines.

It's called triacetone triperoxide and this is what you need.

1. Hydrogen peroxide (used at home to bleach hair or clean wounds)

2. Acetone (nail polish remover)

3. Sulfuric acid (car batteries)

It also helps to have ice on hand and a refrigerator.

Any high school drop out can make it, and as far as I can tell from my readings if not mixed until arriving at the planned detonation point, undetectable by bomb detectors.

It's rather popular in the Middle East and has been used for some time. It's rather unstable and bomb makers in Lebanon can be identified by the burn marks on their bodies or the missing fingers and/or hands.

One future scenario is for the "bad guys" (it's not political correct to call them Muslim extremist) is too refine the products separately and place each in a condom, swallow them, and then combine the ingredients at the detonation site.

So much for security checks at the airports, and God forbid if we racial profile, monitor bank accounts, or listen in on phone conversations of those linked to Islamic fascism.

As you know, the New York Times would not approve.

Did I mention that a detonator is not required. Friction or a slight heat source will set if off.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Posting of shoot results

A number of emails asking for the shoot results for the New York Sporting Clays Championships.

When I talked in the AM on Sunday they had the intentions of posting them to Shotgun Sports Sunday after the completion of the shoot. It seems they had a problem of some sort and made a posting saying the scores would not be available until Monday.

Sounds fair to me.

When I see the link with the scores I will post it to the photo page for the shoot.

I had offered to the lady working the desk to post the scores to the photo page that I set up for the shoot.

Maybe 40% of the time does someone send me the results to go along with the photos I've posted. If a club has a website I try to link back to the club site so results can be viewed.

As for quickly posting scores to the internet... Many sporting clay shoots have them up within 24 hours.

First, clubs need to make sure it has it all sorted out properly, especially in regard to punches. A quick posting of results when someone has not sat back and checked them a second time does no one any good.

Second, at many clubs it's a volunteer situation and some people have to work for a living.

They may not get a chance to do a posting until Monday after work, especially if there was any un-resolved issues with the shoot and it ran late.

Not all clubs have internet access on the grounds.