Friday, December 22, 2006

Club contact information

With 2007 calendars being posted to various sites, please do all a favor and take time to make sure contact information posted to the site is correct.

Nothing more frustrating then to contact a club by email and have it bounce.

Just this past week I've experienced bounced email. One email address was no longer valid and on another site the mail box was full and could not receive any further emails.

Obviously the second is where someone lost interest in being the point of contact and stopped checking for messages.

What may be even worse is after having the email fail, is too contact the webmaster for the site and ask for a good address and he does not reply.

Your left to playing phone tag, hoping your call is returned.

Some sites just list the clubs telephone number and forgo email, no problem, but I think at a minimum they should at least list someone who you can call in the evening other then leaving a message on the clubs answering machine.

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