Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cutting the cost of practice

It's ironic, one of the most expensive shells to purchase is .410 ammunition, but during this period of component price increases, especially the price of lead, the .410 may be the shell of choice for skeet shooters who reload and watching the dollar.

25lbs Lead

    350 loads - 1 1/8 12 gauge
    400 loads - 1oz 12 gauge
    450 loads - 20 gauge
    525 loads - 28 gauge
    800 loads - .410
If you've been shooting 1oz loads, you can load 400 more shells per bag of shot just by shooting the .410 for practice, not even taking into account the savings on powder.

I don't think many will turn completely to the .410 for practice, and its not a good idea anyway, but I can see many throwing a few boxes in the bag each week, or every other week being a .410 practice week.

It seems that reloading for many sporting clays shooters is not even a consideration, as many don't think twice about buying a case of factory. Well, it is for this shooter...

Some load 7/8 ounce in the 12, and most report no decrease in scores. This could be the way to go.

I can see reloading 28 gauge #8's for sporting clays practice, as I can reload for under $3 a box. I have a set of lite mod chokes for my tube set that work pretty well on courses where IC choke is all you need when shooting the 12.

I also might give the same load a try at 16-yard trap and see how it goes. A few years back someone was pushing the 28 gauge as a sub gauge event in the ATA, but it never got off the ground. More than a few trap shooters have 28 gauge tubes.

For the 12 & 20 I was thinking of going to a cheaper primer, but I still see conflicting information on the talk boards. I think I'm going to have some serious discussions over the winter with different shooters and see what is working and what problems I can expect to run into.

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  1. As a sporting shooter , I have used a lot of 7/8 oz reloads for practice and they work well.
    The recipe is euiv. to a 3dram 7/8 oz load. good speed good down range patterns.
    I am suprised with the added cost of components that none of the manufacturers are pushing a 7/8 oz load. since if they sell 1-1/8 oz and 1oz at the same price it would make sense to do the same with the 7/8's and try to increase profits.