Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last turkey shoot of the year

We put together a squad and attended the annual Underhill Rod & Gun Club turkey shoot. Four shooters from New York and one from Montreal.

A rough ride over on the Vermont ferry, as waves were coming over the sides of the boat and covering the cars located at the front with water.

Of course, my vehicle was one of the vehicles getting the free car wash. Not to bad for this time of the year, as if you have sub zero temperatures with that type of wave action, you have to knock the sheet of ice covering the vehicle before you can drive off.

A nice crowd at the club with sixty in attendance.

Mild and in the upper 40's but dark and overcast. By 2pm it lightened up considerable. The last squads out had the advantage.

I went with a clear lens, but the orange targets at times seemed too turn gray against the background. A bit of sunshine would have been more than welcomed.

The 5-stand saw a number of shooters who had never shot it before and I think they all enjoyed the experience.

The club has an early cut off for registration, and in turn we all went home at a reasonable time.

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