Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NSSA membership card revisited

A reader contacted the NSSA and received the following email in regard to the previous posting in regard to the new NSSA membership card.


The new membership card was not meant to replace the imprint card. The imprint card was not a membership card. An NSSA membership card is to be used when proof of membership is required when using or purchasing items from sponsors like John Deere or Exide Batteries. An NSSA membership card is of little use when registering for a tournament because a shooter must present his classification card. This is a skeet rule requirement and one’s card should contain up to date information about his previous scores. The mynssa website cannot be as up to date as a class card because it takes more than a week, on the average, to get the scores to us for posting.

You will note that an imprint card does not have a date one it and one cannot prove that he/she is a current member of NSSA with it. The membership card does have a date and will be a different color each year and can be used as proof of membership.

I would hope that everyone would accept the membership card for what it is, not as a replacement for the imprint card.



Carl Hensch


  1. I called the NSSA office the other day(to correct some incorrect address info that they had for me)and after reading Joe's blog the other day about the new cards, I asked the woman who answered the phone if she knew why they did it. She told me that they switched to the paper cards because they were getting to many incorrect addresses and name spellings. She told me that it was easyer and cheaper to re-issue the paper cards, rather then to make new plastic cards for every person who called with an address or name correction. Not to take anything away from what Mr. Hensch is saying though. I am a big fan of Mr. Hensch. I called the NSSA at the begining of the summer to try and find some information about the NSSA rules (I am a new shooter) and the person who answered the phone told me that they would transfer me to the person(Mr. Hensch) that they thought was best to answer questions about the rules. As a new shooter, I did not know who Mr. Hench was. When he got on the phone, he was really nice. I imagine he is a very busy man, but he still took the time to talk to a new shooter (about 30 or 40 min)about basic NSSA rules (of which I later found out I could get online). He answered every single one of my questions and even talked a bit about different guns and other clay related topics. I hope I get to meet him one day, as he was another classic example of how nice and friendly clay target shooters tend to be.


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