Saturday, December 09, 2006

NSSA membership card

NSSA has included a new type of membership card in the 2007 Classification Card mailing.

No mention if this card is to replace the plastic credit card presently being used.

Hang on to your old card.

The old style card allowed for the use of an imprinter, the new one does not. Clubs still recording shooters manually may not be to happy with this development.

May it be the NSSA is indirectly forcing clubs to computerize there shoot operations?

If so, it would have been nice if they included a scan bar on the new card, so a club could use a card reader, like the ones you see at any checkout counter.

If the NSSA wants all clubs to computerize, maybe they should pay the first $50 on any shoot software purchased, or forgive one year of club membership.

Or, this may be all about nothing and just a card to prove current membership for those who use computer generated classification sheets.

To bad the NSSA did not provide guidance...

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