Friday, December 08, 2006

Odds & Ends

I had a correspondence from an English shooter who advised that some telephone numbers I had posted on the Form 6 page of the Lost Target were no longer active.

He was kind of enough to provide the new numbers and saved me the time of doing the research.

More than a few shooters in the past have pointed out changes in regulations or points of contact information, and its appreciated.

I do a lot of reading and research, but it's almost impossible to keep up with all the changes and/or I overlook an area that needs updating.

Feel free to question any information I have posted, if you know or feel that it's not correct or outdated. It's your site, as much as it is mine!


In the next several months clubs will be putting together shoot schedules for 2007.

Just don't put out shoot dates and then five months later start canceling shoots.

It's bad enough to cancel, but some clubs don't even update the clubs website to show the shoot was canceled. I guess they figure by some magic all shooters in the world will be notified.

I know of one shooter who confirmed a club was having a shoot, but the next month a decision was made to cancel, and he showed up at the club : (

If in doubt, don't put it out.


Some shooters have a poor opinion of the NRA.

I gather its because the NRA defends all firearm owners, not just shooters who use a shotgun or hunting rifle.

In Canada, shotgun and rifles owners never thought the government was going to come after them, as handguns owners were licensed and all handguns were registered with the federal government. Most crimes were carried out with handguns and there was no reason to require the registration of long guns.

The Liberals took power and on the first opportunity presented, implemented licensing and and long gun registration at the Federal level.

Canada did not have the NRA to protect them!

As for those that say as long as I can take my firearm to the range or go hunting, most laws are reasonable. I guess you just don't get it and never will...


I still like the idea of target counters at shooting clubs.

I've used a key target system in skeet and I think its called the ClayMate in sporting clays, and I can see the merit in there use.

Can the systems be beat, I'm sure they can, but do we need that type of shooter?

If he's trying to beat a target counter system, imagine what he's doing at clubs where the number of targets shot is on the honor system...

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