Friday, December 01, 2006

Radar gun at your club

I've shot at more than a few clubs in both skeet and trap, where targets were set with a radar gun.

The radar gun is a great tool and all clubs should have one for both skeet and trap.

Many clubs don't have level terrain or are unable to stake out each field. The radar gun levels the playing field.

However, I've come to the conclusion that a few have no idea what they are doing.

Skeet has doubles, and you know right off the bat from where your shooting the second target on doubles, whether the target speed is set correctly. I don't care what the guy setting the field says. I know what I know. That is, if you've been practicing at your home club that has the fields staked correctly.

Traps a little harder for me to tell, but as most shooters, after a few shots, I know where we stand in regard to target speed.

I assume the height pole is the key to setting targets, as when setting a field manually, the spring is not changed until the height is correct.

In any case, does the person at your club know what he's doing when it comes to setting targets with a radar gun?

Each brand of radar gun is not the same and you pay for what you get.

For trap, some brands require you to be at the house and others may allow for use from the pads.

What does the manufacturer for your radar gun recommend?

Maybe a quick read on the NSSA and ATA web sites on how to use a radar gun would be in order...

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