Thursday, December 28, 2006

Range defense fund, NASR?

Clubs are being attacked in isolation and being knocked off one by one, or forced to place limits on range operations.

As the population grows, the future will only see more attacks.

Clubs do not have the resources to withstand legal challenges.

A club may be in court for a number of years, and also have the expense of proving they are not in violation of environmental laws, too include noise standards.

The monies for this will run into thousands of dollars and most likely bankrupt the club and/or force its closure prior to the issue being resolved in a court of law. Many times the club folds its hand and reaches a so called compromise that limits club operations, as it no longer has funds for its defense.

A national organization is needed to provide assistance to clubs that come under attack.

Looking at the various national organizations, I see the National Association of Shooting Ranges (NASR) as the logical choice to set up a program to provide for the defense of clubs when they come under attack.

The NASR is a sub organization of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) who has the ear of manufactures of shooting related equipment and supplies.

The NASR is already in the business of providing support for clubs that are making an effort to meet environmental standards, and also provides information for range operations.

I would think the logical next step would be for them to establish a Range Defense Fund where a clearing house would be maintained on all legal actions, past and present, taken against shooting ranges. They would also maintian listings of all current range laws (federal, state, and county).

The established fund would offset legal fees and assist with the payment of environmental and/or noise test that most likely be required in the clubs defense.

Experts in the field of range operations would be made available for court proceedings.

I envision something in the order of The US Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation that protects hunting rights, but efforts geared towards the local level, but at the same time working to enact state wide range protection laws.

Ranges that meet minimum NASR standards, and comply with existing state and federal laws would receive assistance from the NASR.

Funding would come from the business community, donations, and fees placed on clubs that wish to come under the Range Defense Fund umbrella.

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