Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday at the Montreal club

We attended the annual turkey shoot at the Montreal Skeet Club today.

I was heading out by myself, but when my wife saw how mild the weather was, she decided to make the trip.

A drive of 1hr 40 min.

As usually, crossing the border into Canada was not a problem.

In the low 40's and overcast for most of the day, but we did have a few sunny periods. I think a wind from the west.

I had my camera with me, but the memory stick was at home : (

I usually carry extra memory and a spare camera, but all were sitting at home next to the reloader.

Ann LaBrecquel bailed me out and took a number of photographs. She will be sending me the photos for posting.

My wife and I both shot skeet and 5-stand, and I also took part in the trap event.

My high score was in trap.

Not to happy with my skeet shooting, but more than happy with the trap score.

I had made major changes to my shooting style in trap this year, and after not shooting trap for more than six weeks, I see I was correct in the decisions I made, as I shot a 24 in the first round, and dropped three in the second.

I shot skeet with Max Lemay from the Valleyfield club. He said the 2007 Quebec Skeet Provincial would take place on August 24-26 and once again be hosted by his club.

It also seems the Montreal club will have a sporting clays league this winter. If any club in Quebec had such a winter league in the past, it was before my time.

I also found out that six Canadian shooters would be attending the 2007 World Police & Firemen Games being held in Australia.

I had done research this past year on whether a semi-auto could be transported to Australia for use in the games, and find that it could be done. I had received a RCMP pin from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police a few years back for my contibution to shooting sports in Canada, and it was the least I could do when the question was posed and I did not have the answer. It took several emails, but I finally made contact with an official in Australia that had all the answers.

Sixty two (62) shooters took part in today's shoot.

Olympic bunker trap and trap doubles were also offered, but I passed, as last year I shot all events and ended up at the doctors office the next day, as my back went out.

I think we spent more time talking than shooting, as many old friends were in attendance.

We left early, but we're given a turkey to take home.

Crossing the border saw the serial numbers on two shotguns checked. No big deal.

Next Sunday is the Underhill shoot in Vermont...

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