Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcoming new shooters

Do you shoot at your home club each week and have been doing so for a number of years?

If so, you instantly recognize when a new person drives into the parking lot or walks into the club house.

So, why do you ignore him?

Those who shoot registered targets are probable not going to be put off by a cold reception when visiting a club for the first time, but the shooter that rarely travels or for someone considering shooting the clay target sports for the first time, it can be a major turnoff.

Unfortunately, it happens more times then we want to acknowledge.

A simple Hi, what can we do for you, is all you need to say.

You then direct him to the person running the club for the day.

We lose many potential shooters each year based on the reception received on a first visit.

I've visited a club or two where after only being there for a short period I already know I won't be making a return visit based on perceived attitude.

More than a few times I've had shooters tell me not to visit so and so club as they (the shooters) are full of themselves or you have to know someone in the "click" too be welcomed.

I also hear "that's a skeet or trap club", and if your not prepared to shoot the dominate sport at the club you won't be welcomed.

Is that what new shooters see?

Is that your club there talking about?

Last year I ran into a shooter who was fairly new to the shooting sports, who was looking for a club to join and had visited several. The squad he was on at one club made fun of the gun he was using. I kid you not. He never returned to that club even though it was the club closest to his home.

It was there lose, as it turns out his wife and one of his kids are now shooters and the family is members of two clubs, just not members of the club closest to his home.

How many shooters he told that story too I will never know, but he sure is doing damage.

He voted with his feet and went elsewhere, as he was willing to travel.

Many others just decide to not take up the clay target shooting sports based on the experience of a first time visit.

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  1. How true that is..Been there done that..........