Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Women and shooting

More women are taking up the shotgun sports each year, especially in sporting clays.

I see women in skeet and trap, but they are out in force at many sporting clay ranges.

Many times I see women who's guns don't fit, and a vest that was borrowed.

We've all seen the guy at the range with his girlfriend. The lady shooting his heavy shotgun, with 1 1/8 loads purchased on the cheap at Wal-Mart.

The pounding she takes : (

The next day she has a red mark on the face and a nice bruise on the shoulder.

Not much chance she will be back...

My wife shoots, and through her I see the problems women have in finding proper clothing and a good fitting shotgun.

A mans vest and shooting gloves just don't make it...

As for a shotgun, my wife has never owned a gun that did not have to have the stock shortened. 13 1/2-inch length-of-stock pull is in the neighborhood of what many women would be looking at.

She is also more comfortable with a raised comb, such as you would see on a Monte Carlo stock. Women have a longer neck. An adjustable comb may be the easiest way to go.

With a well fitting shotgun and proper vest, a women can shoot comfortable, even the 12 gauge.

I recommend women do a bit of upper body conditioning if they wish to get into shooting.

Most women at first just don't have the upper body strength to shoot more than a few stations without getting worn out. They need to get ready for lifting a seven or nine pound shotgun, not once or twice, but for a complete round.

Even if its just mounting the shotgun five minutes, three or five days a week, it will make a big difference when they go to the range.

A light weight shotgun may sound like a good idea, but the heavier the gun you can handle, the less felt recoil, especially in an over/under or pump. A six pound hunting gun may not be the way you want to go...

The Lost Target links page has a section dedicated to women clothing and shotguns.

I also included a link to an article on gun fit for women.

Women Clothing & Shotguns

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