Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Youth rate

My home club recently implemented a youth shooting rate for those 17 and younger, at $2.50 per round. Adults shoot skeet and trap for $3.50 per round.

I'd seen reduced priced shooting at the 1000 Islands club and also at a few other clubs in my travels and saw it was a win, win situation.

We talked it up at the club and several of us pushed for it at a club meeting where it passed without opposition. I was told by two shooters they had never heard of a youth rate and thought it was a great idea.

No harm to the club, and maybe dad or grandad will be more inclined to bring the young ones down to the club. The current vice president of the club was a youth shooter!

The home club is going to need major monies in the upcoming year, as its being forced to relocate. If all works out, I see a time when the club will also offer reduced price shooting for those 17 and younger, who take part in registered shoots at the club.

I wish for the club to make only minimum profit on targets from youth who shoot at the club, whether for practice or registered shooting.

As a side note, the club also has an indoor range and charges $5. We also implemented the $2.50 charge for those 17 and younger.

I know a number of clubs who don't have any youth shooters to speak of.

Maybe a youth rate is the way to go...

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  1. Hi,went to Montreal Skeet club this past weekend an brought my 5yr old grandson for a few hrs to see what was going on...one of the questions he asked me was does only old people shoot at gun clubes....
    (makes you smile)