Monday, February 26, 2007

Odds & Ends (Feb 26)

Trap machines.

I talked to a person who works on both PAT traps and Super Star traps. I asked what machine gave him the least amount of problems maintenance wise?

He stated PAT trap!


Bunker trap.

Saskatoon Gun Club and the Strathcona Shooting Range, both located in Canada are being forced to close by local city government. This will be the last year for both clubs.

The cities wanted the land and too bad for the club's.

It’s unfortunate, as both clubs have Olympic bunker trap. A sever blow to the discipline.

Both clubs have plans to relocate, but cost will be the deciding factor.

We can only hope for the best.


World Cup.

Club L’Acadie, located just outside of Montreal, Canada has two operational Olympic bunker traps. I’m told they will shortly have four in operation.

The city of Montreal hosted a past Olympics and the club has a number of unused bunkers.

May a World Cup bid be in the works?



Speaking of L’Acadie. It seems they are starting to get very involved in NSCA shooting.

Last year they had a limited NSCA 5-Stand schedule.

This year they are offering not only NSCA 5-Stand, but also sporting clays and FITASC.

They have a great 5-stand. The dedicated are forced to back off on target difficulty from time to time, but anyone should have an enjoyable experience. You can expect a minimum of 12 machines. On Wednesday, during the summer, they were setting up a parcour in an open area to practice the long shots.

For FITASC and sporting, if your expecting trees, afraid not. Unless they moved the fields, the shooting is pretty much over open, barren land.

All modern machines, no hand traps.

NSCA is not often offered at clubs in Canada.


Nobel Sporting.

I had a chance to purchase a few cases of Nobel Sporting shotgun shells.

1200fps, 1oz., 8 ½ shot.

I’ve not shot them before, but more than a few shooters have recommended them.

We’re attending a charity sporting clays shoot on Saturday and I think a good opportunity to give them a workout.

A little dicey on 8 ½ shot, but I think any target that only needs IC choke will not pose a problem.

A number of trap shooters use 8 ½ shot at the 16 yard line, so I think I’m on the right track. If not, I will have several boxes of number 8’s handy.


Keep your head down.

At the Jacksonville NSSA shoot on Sunday the wind really picked up.

One of those gusting winds, not steady.

I watched one women shooter who received more than her share of bouncing and diving targets.

The targets were not doing her any favors and she chased more than a few.

She shot 25x25.


Stolen guns.

A person attending a shoot in Vegas used valet parking at the Santa Fe.

When he asked for his vehicle, the truck and the four guns in the truck were gone.

Not the first time this will happen, nor the last, but a number of shooters get ripped off each year under similar circumstances.

If stopping for a meal, make sure you park where you can observe the vehicle, or if staying overnight, leave the guns in the motel room.

By the way, do you have insurance on your firearms?


Shoot attendance.

With raising cost, and at many clubs, increased shoot fees, it will be interesting to see how attendance fairs in 2007.

I would think major shoots will not see a fall off, but the smaller shoots where four or five squads from outside the region makes the difference between having a great shoot or just a good shoot, may have difficulty.

On the other hand, those who tend to travel may stay and shoot in the region.

Stay tuned!


Shooting vest.

I'm in the market for a vest.

I contacted a company that makes vest and asked if the vest comes with D rings, and if the could place a FITASC line on the international pad, as they offered such pads.

I recieved a response saying they did not know what D rings were, nor knew what a FITASC line was.

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