Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday @ Palatka

NSSA Skeet.

Registration was straightforward, as they had pre-printed registration sheets (questionnaire) for each shooter to fill out. Those who pre-registered had a mailing label attached and you were asked to confirm your address.

You wrote down your averages and class, and checked off what you wanted to play.

Made it easy for the person working the desk, as you had everything up to date before you went up to make payment.


A mild day, starting off in the mid 50's and ending up in the 60's.

A bit of a wind popped up during the afternoon.

The birds started to dance a bit. Not a steady wind, just enough to make the flight of the target unpredictable at times. Give me a steady wind any time.


I'm adding a new item to my shoot checklist.

Not to squad at 8:30 with a winter sun.

The sun popped out of the clouds at several inopportune times and cost the squad more than a few targets.

You can't hit them if you can't see them.

Well, that's not exactly true as I did hit a low 8 with just a glimpse as it was coming out the window. Pure luck.

Station #1 was the toughest I've ever seen (or did not see).

We had one shooter miss a high house #1 on doubles because of the sun, and when going after the low house bird, hit it late.

However, the referee called it lost, as he decided the shooter had shot it out of bounds, as it flew well past the high house building before being hit. It was a great shot under the circumstances, but...

The shooter shot a 23 on that round...


At the start a few machines needed adjustment. The high house target on my field needed to be moved to the left about five feet. The field next to ours also needed adjustment. No wind at this point.

The norm for referees is they pull 50, but a few pulled 75 before switching.

All the referees we had were right on the money, and I'm not aware of any slow pulls.

One of those clubs where the road is right next to the fields, so you know every time someone starts up a diesel or has a motorized cart.

One gentlemen was nice enough to approach me after I shot station #2 and asked who the last shooter was, as he was going to move his vehicle. Now that's being considerate.

Lunch was available and steak dinner was the Saturday evening meal.

If you did not care to eat at the club, you could pick up something just five minutes down the road.

We counted 101 entries for the 12 gauge.


I had a terrible time of it for most of the day. Hopefully, Sunday will see better scores.

We shot with a couple from Virginia and a local Florida shooter. If the couple from Virginia are not "A" shooters, they are on there way.

The Florida shooter shot his first registered 25. It was in the 28 gauge.


I picked up my order from the club today and lead was at $24 per bag for Lawrence instead of the $23.50 quoted. I expected an increase from what I had seen posted on a few talk boards. I knew it was not going to be less...

Winchester primers were out of stock : (

The club orders through Gamaliel Shooting Supply.

I heard rumors that targets will see a 7% increase, but that could be regional. It was talked about by several.

2007 may tough for both clubs and shooters, if prices keep going up.


The new membership cards being issued by the NSSA/NSCA are not going over big with clubs that do not use a computer. As previously stated, they cannot be used with an imprinter.

I heard talk at the shoot today and many are not happy, especially those who run shoots at small clubs.

We all understand the need to modernize, but to not consult with the clubs prior to changing something that has been part of registration for what seems forever, is just something that cannot be explained away.

The previous week I shot at a club that did not even have an enclosed building, let alone a computer. All registration was done the old fashioned way.

Again, it's not that headquarters went in that direction.

It's not having the common courtesy too inform the clubs that it was even under consideration.

Is headquarters that out of touch with those who don't host the major shoots?


Taken down the NSSA/NSCA talk board did not go over well. More than a few shooters said they never posted, but checked it frequently.

I know you have to have a stiff backbone to run a talk board, or even a blog such as this, but they are a national organization and you would think they would have had a better handle on it then they did.

They never did use it to discuss proposed changes or keep members informed.

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