Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday @ Waccasassa

A visit to Waccasassa Plantation to shoot sporting clays.

No humidity, 77 degrees. Maybe a slight breeze.

Fourteen stations, but one was down because of machines loaned to Rhino, as Rhino had a major shoot last week and had not yet returned them. I'm told all machines would be returned Monday.

Carts were available and ammunition was reasonable priced.

The club uses the Claymate target counter system. I'm a 100% believer in it's use!

We used our push cart (Rugged Gear) and had no problem getting around.

I had not mentioned it to the staff, but water was not available on the course. One container at the halfway point should be the minimum standard for all clubs.

I had been thinking of attending the clubs registered shoot I saw listed on the NSCA web for next Sunday, but it has been cancelled. It seems the club manager recently quit without notice, leaving the club holding the bag.

I'm from the old school, where you give two weeks notice, and if a major function is upcoming you take care of business before you depart. You would think a manager would give more than a two weeks notice, let alone none. But, that's the old school and I'm sure I don't have all the facts.

I had heard talk (read my previous posting), and can't say I'm surprised. All seems well at present and the club is back on track.

Anyway, we had an enjoyable time.

We had problems nailing down the rabbit target at the last club we visited, but today we nailed it.

Travelling to the club we saw pickers in a strawberry field. On the way home stopped at the farms roadside stand. Strawberries were $2 a quart.

An unmarked police car followed me for a few miles (I just knew he was a cop) and when I did not step on it, he passed. Several miles up the road he had someone pulled over.

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