Monday, April 30, 2007

Gun repair

I posted Saturday I was having problems at a shoot with the safety engaging after the first shot. As a quick fix I taped the selector level down in the off position.

I took the stock off Sunday and found the tension spring that engages the safety latch had broken. Matter of fact, it had completely disappeared, with no broken pieces to be found. A flat piece of metal under the screw that holds the spring in place was the only evidence that a spring was ever in place.

Thinking back, I did have several safety latch problems on my first shots in the past few years and always thought I messed up, when in fact the spring was breaking down and losing its effectiveness. I suspect one side went, then the other.

As I never use the safety or the barrel selector, I had no idea it was in such a state of disrepair. For those who have not shot clay targets, don't get excited on not using the safety. The safety is never used. Instead, a shell is never placed in the gun until on station. When off station, the gun is carried open or the bolt is locked to the rear.

Now, to get it fixed...

I think I might have done the repair, but my thinking might have been more of a guy thing (think Tim Allen). I thought better of it.

Gunsmiths hear all the time that a shooter needs his gun yesterday. I knew a quick repair might be a problem, as most gunsmiths have a room full of firearms waiting repair. I'm sure they've heard the same story many times in the past.

I hoped maybe a gunsmith that understood competitive shooting might have a bit of sympathy and maybe move my gun to the head of the line, as it was not a time consuming repair.

I contacted Midwest Gun Works who've done several jobs for me and asked if a two week turnaround was possible? They said they could not touch the gun for eight weeks.

I sent an email to Wrights Gunsmiths in Illinois and Stu Wright the owner replied, saying no problem.

The receiver was FedEx this PM and Wrights will have it on Tuesday morning.

Off subject, but early this AM I had to take a trip to town and gas was $3.09, when I drove to FedEx in the afternoon, the same station had gas for $3.11.

I'd like to add that I had also contacted Art's Gun Shop out of Hillsboro, MO and he also offered to have the gun repaired in just a few days. I had sent out a few emails and Wright's was the first to respond saying they could take of me.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your right to bear arms

Gun free zones accomplish what?

Police respond to gun free zones, they don’t protect!

Armed citizens dissuade and protect…

I’ve read the news articles and heard the pundits charm in on the rights to own and bear arms. But, the bottom line is they may talk around it, but they are calling for Americans to allow for increased restrictions on the American citizens right to keep and bear arms.

What many on the liberal left and peoples of other nations don’t understand, as Americans we have the right to keep and bear arms. It’s in are nations history and in our blood. Americans have always possessed firearms, rich and poor alike. Hunters and non hunters.

It’s not up to Americans to prove too any government entity; local, state, or Federal that we have that right!

Local judges and Chiefs of Police should not be given the authority to not allow an American the right to keep and bear arms without just cause.

Unfortunately, many jurisdictions have given them that right. Gun owners and those who wish to become gun owners have seen that right abused. Gun owners having to jump through hoops to prove the right, not the government having to prove you don’t.

Restrictions should not and must not be allowed to be placed on the law abiding.

Democrats in many state legislatures year after year propose new restrictions on gun rights. New York, Illinois, and California are prime examples of legislative bodies who wish to curtail rights.

Those same legislative bodies are loath to propose longer sentencing of criminals or the building of new prisons. The same states see inner cities black and Hispanic school dropout rates at 46% or higher, but the issue is swept under the rug, as it’s not political correct to point out the failing of inner city government. In my view the route cause of many problems in American society, including the use of firearms in crimes.

In recent years, rights not in the Constitution or the U.S. Bill of Rights has been granted to many, as those on the left consider the Constitution a living document, subject to change.

Using that argument, illegal aliens and foreign terrorist are considered to have rights in many American jurisdictions, with support from some sectors of state government. Even a number of elected congressional representatives support rights for illegal aliens and terrorist.

Often, those same people are on the forefront to disarm America and it's people.

What about American rights, the ones we grew up with?

The ones handed down generation after generation...

As a citizen of the United States of America don't let them take away your right to own and bear arms.

When you agree to new firearm restrictions, where are you prepared to draw the line?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday @ Valleyfield

We crossed the border with little fuss.

Overcast day and seemed to cool in the afternoon. It rained in the region, but not a drop at the club.

It was a "targets only" skeet shoot consisting of doubles and 12 gauge.

I almost blew the doubles event but did manage to end with a 91. In the 12 gauge I shot a 96.

No problem with targets or machines, but still say the black rim targets in skeet on overcast days leave something to desire. If you have the wrong lens color your just out of luck. Maybe it's just me...

At my home club we normally have a beer round at the end of the day, and the way I figure it I should be seeing a Budweiser truck pulling up to my house on Monday : )

The Valleyfield club has plans to replace two fences and also to replace the main electrical wire that connects the fields with a heavier gauge wire, as I was told it's too small to carry the load.

I had a problem with my Browning, in that the safety engaged after the first shot, but only when pointed upward, such as shooting station #1. I test fired it holding the gun level and no problem. A bit of tape over the safety catch took care of the problem.

I had experienced this on the last presentation, last shot at Rochester the week before and had not given it a second thought, as I thought I must have hit the safety somehow. Anyhow, will have to take the gun apart in the next few days and hopefully an easy fix.

Crossing back into the states was without incident.

Next weekend the home club is having a 4-gun skeet shoot. It will be a working weekend for myself and the wife, as we will be pulling targets.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shoot dates @

When I travel, I find looking up shoots a pain, especially as I shoot registered in skeet, trap, and sporting. The shoots can be found, but it calls for checking out a number of sites. Seeing if a fun shoot is scheduled can be near impossible.

A solution is on hand...

Glen has developed a website ( that hopefully at some point will list all shoots scheduled in the United States.

A searchable database for all clay target shoots, both registered and the fun type.

Shotgun Shoot

Of course he will need the cooperation of all who host shoots for the concept to be successful.

I asked if he would include the Provinces of Canada and I'm sure we will see it at some point.

Check out the site and while your at it, register your club.

Update: I received an email from Glen saying he will include Canada on his web site.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Odds & Ends (Apr 24)


The ATF revised or clarified some of the rules for those visiting the states with firearms last week. I posted the information in a previous blog posting and I updated the web page that I maintain on the subject.

The ATF page: FAQ Dated 08/31/06

The updated ATF link as of this writing has still not been posted on the ATF site.

I had several questions in regard to firearm repair and sent an email to ATF.

I received a reply asking that I do a followup with a letter. I gather I asked questions that needed to be officially addressed.

I was also asked to include other questions I may have.

I'm pushing for membership in stateside clubs as an alternate to the hunting license option. Can't hurt to ask and it was the informal standard prior to ATF Form 6NIA.

I'm sending out a letter in the AM.


Rochester Brooks.

It was rough weekend shooting sporting clays at Rochester Brooks.

My back went out last Wednesday while cutting tree limbs downed from a snow storm.

I could only get up and down with the use of a cane and needed the cane to steady myself.

Saw the doctor that evening and was put on meds so I could stand straight. I was able to ditch the cane Thursday evening, but it wasn't pretty.

Rochester had two stations where you took a shot far to the right and then you had make a hard swing to the left to get the second... Hello!

I had a wait of about 15 minutes before I shot the second parcour on the FITASC. I missed the first three targets as my back stiffened and it was rough getting the gun moving. I could only laugh...

I wore a chemical heat pad for the three days and it helped up to a point.

Overall, I did not do too badly. The gang I shot with said my back should go out more often...

Monday at home, on the couch... I had to ask my wife to give me a hand getting up : (

My buddy Bill Price gave me a call and it looks like registered skeet at Valleyfield this Saturday. I was planning on going anyway and that just confirmed. I assume I will be up and running around by Saturday.



If we can get the slots it looks like the Lobster shoot will become a reality.

My buddy was able to get the week off and one other shooter is retired and always has the week off.

Have not shot the club before and looking foreword to the target presentations.

I'm far from being a great shot, but do appreciate good target setting and know a good target when I see one.

I don't know if they sell out the shoot. I will just have to keep an eye on the clubs web site for when they post the flyer and see if we can get slots.



My wife and I are scheduled for Hartford in May to attend a skeet shoot.

Another club that I have not shot. Have heard only good about the club.


Remington primers.

Availability still a problem for many.

The company has been sold and maybe an infusion of cash will allow the company to ramp up production.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Reloading price check, 12 ga.

I just purchased reloading supplies (powder & primers).

A few weeks back I purchased lead for $24.25 per bag. I also picked up wads.

Using my cost, I'm looking at 12 gauge 1oz. reloads at $3.20 per box.

My cost go to $3.45 per box if I don't include the deals I bought into, nor use the current price of lead ($24.99), as quoted Saturday.

Estate shells this past weekend were $30 a case.

How many cases of shells do you shoot in one year?

Do the math and go with what works for you...

I'm reloading 28 gauge for $2.80 per box. Factory shells are going for $8.00 a box.

That's a no brainer...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday @ Rochester Brooks

We hit the local restaurant at 6:30am and found it not open as advertised. We ended up at McDonald's.

Not many places open on Sunday at 6:30am. Next time we'll plan on Denny's. I think a ten minute drive, but they will be open. It would not have been a problem, but we had an 8:30 flight and still needed to check out of the motel.

Talking to shooters who ate there at a later time, it turns out the lady that opens the place, partied hard the night before and was pretty hung over when they saw her.

Great weather for the main event. Those who started out wearing jackets and such were taking them off 30 minutes into the shoot.

Very sunny, but I did not have any sun issues.

One shooter did have problems on one station picking up a target in the tree line. I saw the same target with no problem, but it did me no good, as I missed it all three times. It was moving at a pretty fast pace and I wasn't : (

A mix of targets. Some stations were, boy if I miss these the gang is going to make fun, and a few others were, I hope I get close.

A nice 55 yard left to right crosser was presented and missed by many.

Apples and bananas on the course along with bottled water on many stations. One young lady was driving around offering bottled water to shooters.

I don't remember any no bird calls and the refs were at the top of there game.

We departed after shooting and did not wait around, as we had a five hour drive ahead of us.

I ended up with a 72.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday @ Rochester Brooks

FITASC at 8:30am. No issues with the sun.

Parcour #2 was first on the agenda and the easiest of the two. The type of Parcour anyone would want to start the day on. Challenging enough, but no bird that left you shaking your head wondering what evil person set the presentation.

Parcour #1 was on the muddy side. The Friday flights must of had one heck of a time getting around. Lite modified was needed on a few presentations, with IC taking care of the rest.

All and all, I did not see a bird where anything more than LM was needed.

I want to say I shot 37x50, but won't sware to it. I shoot it for fun and don't pay much attention to the score.

Sunny and I think it hit 77 degrees. Less wind then Friday.

A nice crowd for today's prelim and small gauge events.

Any machine that went down saw two or three people working on it.

I shot an 80 on Friday on the Prelim and today an 81 on the reshoot. Not much of an improvement, but I think we had more fun today.

I was told that for the State shoot, Rochester Brooks would have a 5-Stand in operation...

A shooter told me that when shopping at BEIKIRCH's he was told ammunition prices would see a price increase of 10% in the next week.

We stopped in at the local Gander Mountain and found AA/STS going for $6.49 and a bag of lead for $29.99.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday @ Rochester Brooks

Rush, New York

We stopped by BEIKIRCH's and purchased shells and reloading supplies. Shot was $24.99 a bag. Estate shells were $40 per case. Last year at this time, Estate's were $34.

We're staying at the Super 8.

Assigned smoking rooms. When I said we asked for non-smoking, I was told the non-smoking rooms were probable not available when I made the reservation.

Pardon me, I make the reservation on December 22nd....

They said they could upgrade, but at an additional charge.

Not a happy camper and will be contacting Super 8 headquarters.

A pleasant day for shooting. Sunny and 70 degrees. A wind, but it did not seem to bother the targets all that much.

A bit disappointed as the club is not running the 5-stand. I guess all the machines are on the course. They are running Make the Brake, but I could care less and not willing to spend the $$$.

They do have skeet available for practice. Skeet is not what I need for practice.

Registration was a breeze.

We shot the prelim. When we registered we were told to report to the pavilion next to the sporting clays parking area and too squad up. Fine and dandy, but no one was there. We ended up waiting at station #1 for about fifteen minutes and grabbed a referee that just finished with a squad.

The prelim was 16 stations and we had an excellent referee. He did take one target away from me that he said broke in the branches of a tree as I was shooting. I did not think so, but I did shoot it late and that's just the way it is...

Saturday will see referees at each station, so we will not see a repeat of waiting for a ref.

We're shooting FITASC at 8:30a.m. and then a re-shoot prelim. The price is right on the re-shoot, $35.

We had a question on factory ammunition. Wanting to know if reloads were allowed for FITASC. We were told not only was factory ammunition required for the FITASC, it was also required for the main event. Not something that was mentioned on the shoot flyer...

I kind of figured factory for FITASC, but for the the main event?

I think one shooter on the squad will need to buy ammunition for the main event.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Visitors to the U.S. with Firearms

ATF Form 6NIA (Visitors to the U.S. with Firearms)

I received an updated FAQ link from the ATF.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of this posting, the FAQ web page linked at the ATF site has not been updated.

This is the correct FAQ posting date: 8/31/06

I have updated the link posted to the Lost Target.

They pointed out these three questions as being revised.


Q5. I am a nonimmigrant alien temporarily bringing a firearm into the United States for repair. Should I complete the Form 6NIA?

A. Yes. This is the one other situation (besides a temporarily import for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes) where a nonimmigrant alien should complete the Form 6NIA.


Q32. I am a nonimmigrant alien. Do I need a Form 6NIA import permit to import a muzzle loading gun that is considered an antique firearm under the Gun Control Act?

A. No. Because antique firearms are not considered firearms for purposes of the Gun Control Act, none of the import regulations apply to the importation of antique firearms. Moreover, a nonimmigrant alien may possess antique firearms, even if the alien does not fall within an exception to the nonimmigrant alien prohibition. If you are not sure if your firearm is an antique firearm as defined by the Gun Control Act, contact ATF's Firearms Technology Branch (304-260-1700).


Q39. I live in Canada and have to fly through Dallas/Ft. Worth airport when I fly from Canada to South America. Do I need to obtain a Form 6NIA import permit from ATF for this trip if I am traveling with a gun? Does it make any difference if I do not clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection during my layover or if I clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection and, for example, spend the night in Dallas before continuing on to South America?

A. Regardless of whether you clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection, you do NOT need to obtain a Form 6NIA import permit from ATF because you are not entering the United States for legitimate hunting or lawful sporting purposes. However, if you clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection, you do need to obtain a temporary import license (DSP-61) from the U.S. State Department, Office of Defense Trade Controls (ODTC) (202-663-2714). You should contact the ODTC for details. Even if you do not clear Customs, you likely need to obtain a DSP-61 from the State Department. Again, you should contact the ODTC for details. In addition, if you clear Customs, you should obtain a hunting license (if you do not fall within any other exception to the general prohibition on nonimmigrant aliens possessing firearms and ammunition in the United States). Otherwise your possession will be illegal. Moreover, you must ensure your possession does not violate State or local law. We suggest you contact State and local law enforcement authorities to inquire about any prohibitions.


Earlier in the day I received the following from the ATF.


Additional space needed on ATF Form 6NIA:

When the space provided on the ATF Form 6NIA, items 14.a thru h. is not sufficient to list all the articles you wish to import, as in your latest submission, please note solely the words "see attachment" on the face of the ATF Form 6NIA, under block 14.a..

Then use a separate sheet of paper to precisely describe and list the articles following the identical column format items 14.a.-h.


Shoot Invitations:

To NIA Applicant:

We will need an official invitation or registration, preferably on the organizations letterhead, to attend a competitive target shooting event or sports or hunting trade show sponsored by a national, State, or local firearms trade organization devoted to the competitive use or other sporting use of firearms.

A processed registration form in your name will meet our requirements. If you can not provide the above referenced documents, then a copy of the envelope showing your name, address, and postmark along with the senders will also work.


Lost Target ATF Form 6NIA Web Site


NRA membership?

Democrats will mount an effort to add to the number of firearms laws already on the books.

When such laws are passed, we the law abiding, will jump through hoops to conform.

The criminal element, the gangs, and yes, inner city youth, will not.

Police do not protect, they respond.

A call to 911 will not protect you from immediate danger.

You can't walk the street of a major city in the middle of the night without fear of being robbed or worse.

Women need an escort on many campuses.

Gun shots can be heard each night just blocks from the White House.

Does it make sense to ban firearms in public areas and areas of assembly when the police cannot protect?

Most states do not have serious sentencing guidelines for those using firearms in a crime. On many occasions jail time is plea bargained. If they wish for criminals to do serious time, state prosecutors are often forced to refer such cases to federal courts.

Every time a firearm is used in an illegal manner, the instinct in Washington and in many states is a call for more laws to control those who are already following the law, and not laws to punish those who break the law.

What can you do?

Membership in your local gun club or belonging to the ATA, NSSA, or the NSCA and most other shooting organizations does nothing towards guaranteeing your right to bear arms.

The only real power in regard to "gun rights" is the National Rifle Association.

You may not agree 100% on positions taken, but they are the only organization that has the political clout to rally the troops against Democrat gun legislation.

Democrats control both the house and senate.

Democratic governors control twenty eight states.

Join the NRA

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy prevented?

This article was in the The Roanoke Times on Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Gun bill gets shot down by panel

HB 1572, which would have allowed handguns on college campuses, died in subcommittee.

A bill that would have given college students and employees the right to carry handguns on campus died with nary a shot being fired in the General Assembly.

House Bill 1572 didn't get through the House Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety. It died Monday in the subcommittee stage, the first of several hurdles bills must overcome before becoming laws.

The bill was proposed by Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah County, on behalf of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Gilbert was unavailable Monday and spokesman Gary Frink would not comment on the bill's defeat other than to say the issue was dead for this General Assembly session.

Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker was happy to hear the bill was defeated. "I'm sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly's actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."

Del. Dave Nutter, R-Christiansburg, would not comment Monday because he was not part of the subcommittee that discussed the bill.

Most universities in Virginia require students and employees, other than police, to check their guns with police or campus security upon entering campus. The legislation was designed to prohibit public universities from making "rules or regulations limiting or abridging the ability of a student who possesses a valid concealed handgun permit ... from lawfully carrying a concealed handgun."

The legislation allowed for exceptions for participants in athletic events, storage of guns in residence halls and military training programs.

Last spring a Virginia Tech student was disciplined for bringing a handgun to class, despite having a concealed handgun permit. Some gun owners questioned the university's authority, while the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police came out against the presence of guns on campus.

In June, Tech's governing board approved a violence prevention policy reiterating its ban on students or employees carrying guns and prohibiting visitors from bringing them into campus facilities.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skeet @ Montreal

I returned to the Montreal Skeet Club and shot NSSA Targets Only.

In the low 40's. Maybe six degrees from where you could make a final decision on what clothes to wear. A slight sprinkle in the afternoon.

At times I was too warm and other times I could feel the coolness.

I think this is the first time I shot on the clubs dedicated registered shoot skeet fields, using the new Promatic machines. In the past, Winchester machines were used. Unless I'm mistaken, I think all the clubs Winchester machines have been retired.

A little off topic, but how did Winchester lose the clay target machine market? At one time they could be found at almost every club (skeet & Trap) in both the U.S. and Canada. You can't blame that on China or Walmart...

The targets were consistent and going to the stake. A bit of a south wind.

The club was throwing black rim targets. Something you see at many clubs in Canada and at some clubs in the states. I'm not convinced they are the best target color for year round skeet shooting. The black rim works well in trap. I think some of the misses today were because of target color and overcast skies.

Max Lemay handled registration and also took out a squad.

The club is still working on the new 5-stand with the majority of framing completed.

Next weekend is not skeet or trap, but sporting clays. A number of us are traveling to the Rochester Brooks club to attend the annual Spring Deuce shoot.

A major New York shoot. If the weather cooperates, over 200 shooters in attendance.

I'll be posting shoot photos both Friday and Saturday evening after 9PM.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MEC primer feed

I purchased a high capacity MEC primer feed. I have three in working order so I'm familiar with the product.

As soon as I tried to put the tray in the upright position I knew I had a problem, as it would not raise to the correct height.

The two primer tubes where they join, would not align correctly : (

I contacted MEC and said it could be bent into the correct position, but they would not suggest that I do that and too return it for replacement.


I ordered firearm parts from Browning for the first time this past week (snail mail) and I was surprised on the quick turnaround on my order, as they were in my mailbox yesterday.


I needed wads and after checking several sites, Gamaliel Shooting Supply had the best price, after shipping. I've learned to not fall in love with one company and shop around, as prices are always changing.


Kind of scary looking at the price of primers. The off brand primers are looking better each day.

I just wish the major powder companies would address all such primers in there reloading guides, for all gauges.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Travel problems for transits with firearms

Visitors to the U.S. bringing firearms into the states for hunting and sports shooting know they need an ATF Form 6NIA to enter the U.S. with firearm(s) and ammunition.

What of the shooters just passing through U.S. airports on there way to another country, but must clear U.S. customs and change airlines?

ATF Firearms & Explosives Imports says an ATF Form 6NIA is not required.

They are correct in there own way, as they are mainly concerned with those who are entering the states for hunting and sports purposes.

But, where does that leave those who don't wish to hunt or go target shooting, but only wish to travel through the U.S. on there way to another country?

Let a New Zealand shooter tell his story;

Transit through US without ATF Form 6NIA

What I would have done?

The quick and easy but not necessary the correct course of action, but it works for me.

I know of a few instances where you don't need an ATF Form 6NIA, but you do need a hunting license.

Saying that, I'm not sure all who work the borders or entry points are aware of all rules involving firearms and foreign nationals.

At the smaller crossings and at odd hours, there is no supervisor except for one many miles away that can only be reached by telephone, and who may also have to call someone for guidance...

It goes against the grain to take shortcuts or bend the rules, but knowing the problems some shooters have when they do the unusually in regard to what US customs expects, I would have applied for a AFT Form 6NIA using the hunting license option for attending shoots in the states, and not said a word to the ATF on my travel plans when I applied.

No harm done in the real world, and if said shooter decided to take a layover in the states, he would have legally been able to visit a local gun club and enjoyed all it had to offer...

Not what most want to hear, but it does remove one worry when your traveling with a firearm and knowing your going to have to deal with U.S. authorities and the airlines.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday at the club

The home club was throwing "targets only" and I went down and refereed.

I think I'd been better off shooting, as it was pretty cold sitting in the chair. We even had a few snow flakes hit the ground.

I ended up breaking out a couple of chemical handwarmers and inserting them in my gloves.

With voice release it's pretty easy too lose track of who's doing what, as your not hitting the button for each shooter. If your mind wanders for just a few seconds, like thinking of your cold feet, instead of marking the score sheet...

In spite of the cold weather, slight wind and lack of sun, the targets looked pretty good and most shot decent scores.

I picked up several bags of lead for $24.25 a bag. I was told I could plan on paying $27 or higher after the clubs next buy.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Trap Shoot

I made my way today to the Montreal Skeet Club to take part in there annual Good Friday QPTA registered trap shoot.

A little rough going in the area of the border as I had falling snow and un-plowed roads. By the time I hit Ormstown, the skies cleared and the roads were bare.

Several wildlife sitings along the way. I observed a Pine Marten crossing the road on the US side of the border. Saw several thousand geese, mostly sitting in farmers fields, but a few gaggles of geese were flying, especially north of the Montreal club. Also, observed several turkeys and a few ducks. As you can see, I took the scenic route...

The temperature never reached higher then 32 degrees. On and off snow showers. A shifting cold wind.

The weather hurt attendance but everyone who showed seemed to have a good time.

A few no birds on the voice release, but I think it was broken targets and not the voice release. Leo Laplante replaced the birds on the turret and cleaned the plate and the no bird problem disappeared. Someone may have been in too much of a hurry loading the machine.

I mostly poked at targets and did not have a good day.

As always, the kitchen served great food.

The club just started building a two tier (two floor) 5-stand platform. I was told it should be up and running in two weeks.

Crossing the border in both directions was no big deal. Entering the US they wanted to look in the rear of the vehicle and I had to show my firearm paperwork. Everyone (both sides) were in good humor and no one had an attitude or god complex.

Because of taxes, gasoline in Canada is about $1 higher per gallon then what you would pay in New York. In upstate NY we're looking at $2.93 per gallon. The local Indian reservation was selling gas for $2.80.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Romney = Hypocrite

Governor Mitt Romney is running for president...

Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

To hear Mitt Romney talk on the campaign trail, you might think the Republican presidential candidate had a gun rack in the back of his pickup truck.

“I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life,” he said this week in Keene, N.H., to a man sporting a National Rifle Association cap.

The former Massachusetts governor’s hunting experience is limited to two trips at the bookends of his 60 years: as a 15-year-old, when he hunted rabbits with his cousins on a ranch in Idaho, and last year, when he shot quail on a fenced game preserve in Georgia.

Romney joined the NRA last August.

During a 1994 U.S. Senate campaign, Romney positioned himself as a moderate outsider, warning special interest groups to stay out of the race and saying he supported the Brady gun control law and a ban on assault rifles.

“That’s not going to make me the hero of the NRA,” he told the Boston Herald at the time. “I don’t line up with a lot of special interest groups.”


You decide!

Joe Potosky
The Lost Target

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Odds & Ends (Apr 4)

Darien Gun Club (Wisconsin)

The club has ceased shooting.

It's been reported on the Trap talk board they were dropping lead on adjacent property and the new property owner pressed them to stop sending pellets onto his property.

If the reason given is true...

Why in this day and age would any club be letting lead fall on property they did not own?

Yes, some clubs have a deal with local property owners, but when the owner changes his mind, the land is sold, or the kids take control...


Lead Prices.

Lead, a toxic metal used to make car batteries and bullets, became the latest commodity to take its turn in the spotlight yesterday after a Canadian company shut down a mine that has been linked to a rash of bird deaths in Australia.

Toronto's Ivernia Inc. temporarily halted production at its Magellan lead mine in Western Australia amid a government probe into lead contamination in and around the port of Esperance, where the company's lead concentrate is shipped to customers in Asia.

The price of lead climbed $40 (U.S.) to $1,960 a tonne on the London Metal Exchange, a 2-per-cent gain. A strike at a lead mine in Peru added to supply worries.

Lead demand outstripped production by 88,000 tonnes last year, according the British-based World Bureau of Metal Statistics.


I see a Gander Mountain will be built in St. Augustine, Florida.

For my friends in that area, don't expect to see many deals on ammunition or reloading supplies.

It's nice to be able to walk in the store and pick up what you need, but bring your wallet.

You may see some deals on the cheap 3 dram stuff, but other than that...

Clubs can get deals through bulk purchases.


As Democrats try to gut the US anti-missile defense system.

Russia is fielding a new land-based missile called the Topol-M and building a new generation of ballistic-missile submarines.

The Chinese are upgrading their land and sea-based nuclear forces with multiple warheads and solid-fuel propulsion technology.

Pakistan last month successfully tested its Shaheen-II ballistic missile, capable of lifting a nuclear payload to a range of 1,250 miles.

Iran is reportedly within months of developing an industrial-scale uranium enrichment capacity of about 3,000 centrifuges, which in turn puts it on track to acquire a bomb's worth of fissile uranium by the end of 2008.

The progress of North Korean arms is well known.


The Flagler club (Florida) is going ahead with the expansion/improvement of its trap facilities with work to begin on April 6.


Why no mention of China or India when it comes to global warming?

China to bring on line 562 coal-fired plants - nearly half the world total of plants expected to come online in the next eight years. India could add 213 such plants; the US, 72.


Shoot Photos.

I visited a clubs web site and they had over 100 photos posted, showing photos of shoots held at there club. They were "borrowed" from the Lost Target web site.

I did not even get credit for my work : (

I guess not everyone has class...


We're looking a several inches of snow tonight and sloppy weather for the rest of the week.

I'm planning on attending the Good Friday Trap shoot at the Montreal Skeet Club.

Talk about contrast in weather conditions.

When we shot last Wednesday at Palatka it was 80+ degrees.

This Friday, I will be using chemical hand warmers and wearing long johns : (

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Albany to register long guns

Several alerts have gone out on the following:

Albany New York Mayor Jerry Jennings will soon introduce a gun control proposal in the Common Council. Although attempts to obtain a copy of the proposal were refused by the mayor's office, we have now learned that the proposal will include the following:

- Require registration of ALL firearms within the city (this includes currently owned handguns and long guns);
- Outlaw private gun sales;
- Require dealers to report all firearm sales to local law enforcement;
- Ban "high caliber" handgun ammunition including 9mm. and .357; and,
- Mandate that gun owners keep firearms locked-up and inaccessible.


The city of Albany is controlled by Democrats.

Do I have to say more?

Joe Potosky
The Lost Target

Monday, April 02, 2007

Grannis approved

A New York city liberal who probable thinks chocolate milk comes from brown cows and New York City Central Park is the wilderness, has been confirmed by the New York Republican controlled senate to head the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.


ALBANY NY -- Two months after his nomination by Democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Alexander "Pete" Grannis finally became the state's new Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Saturday night.

Grannis, an assemblyman from Manhattan, went through two confirmation hearings with the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and another by the Senate Finance Committee before the final vote by the full Senate.

The Republican-controlled Senate approved Grannis 44-18.

Many hunting and trapping advocates campaigned against his nomination,


Now we can sit back and watch the liberal anti-sportsmen crowd take positions of power within the DEC and see the lefts anti agenda come into play.

Once again we see that New York Republicans have no backbone and don't deserve the support of sportsmen.

If there's reason to give financial support to the New York Republican party, it's beyond me.

When you receive the letter in the mail or the telephone call asking for financial support, just say no...