Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Florida Club

I contacted John Woolley in regard to a new club north of Jacksonville, Florida.

Amelia Shotgun Sports (Yulee, Fl)

Open to the public.

Currently we are open from 11am till dark Wednesday till Sunday and Monday/Tuesday by appointment.

I am available for lessons anytime.

We have a 15 station sporting clays course and 5 stand.

By September we will have 2 Skeet ranges 2 Trap ranges + Fitasc.

As soon as our website is up and running I will let you know.


Northeast Florida Clay Target Clubs

I've posted a Google map and will update the page when I receive more information on the club.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday @ Plattsburgh

We opened the club today for those wanting to take advantage of the holiday and get in a few rounds.

We had cook your own hot dogs, along with salad and munchies. All donated by club memmbers.

After we opened the fields, Russ McKittrick suddenly had an interest in looking at the trap and skeet machines.

Well into the first trap round the reason for his interest was evident, as it was discovered that flash targets had been randomly inserted into the stacks. The skeet shooters soon after, also made this discovery.

Very good Russ...

On the skeet field, I was able to work with a low gun shooter who looked like a natural shot, but having problems with the middle stations.

A duck hunter that likes to shoot skeet and trap now and then, shooting a pump with modified choke.

A suggestion to lower the barrel and hold out a bit and he was smashing targets.

His stance on some of the stations was that of a rifle shooter. He told me he does shoot rifle. He usually gets away with that stance for single shots, but it was not always working for doubles. A little turn of the feet seem to help.

He also had concerns with low #8. I had him hold out maybe three foot from where he was holding. I don't think he missed a target.

He saved three shells on the last round for low house #8 and broke all three...

It does not always work out when advising other shooters, but as I said, he looked like a natural shot and just needed a few suggestions.

A rather busy weekend, with Sunday at Beaver River for sporting clays.

On Saturday, Heide and I travelled to Valleyfield to shoot NSSA skeet.

Our good friend Reza Afshar shot his first 100 straight in the 12 gauge.

He had sold hits in the first three rounds, but it was close on a couple of targets in the forth. Talk about holding your breath...

First 100 Straight

Looking at the photos you will see the fence is not painted.

Valleyfield just completed replacing all fences. The fences and buildings will receive a coat of paint. The shelve seen on the fence is a new addition and installed on all fences.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday @ Beaver River

NSCA Sporting Clays.

Beaver River Fish & Game, Croghan New York.

Eighteen stations at $35 to include NSCA fee.

Three hour drive.

We ran into rain at the halfway point.

It was coming down pretty hard when we arrived and squads were out.

A number of shooters without rain gear. The local weather had called for passing showers, not a downpour...

In the low 50's at 9:30AM.

Registration was straight foreword.

As squads formed and a referee came free, your squad goes out. We had to wait maybe 30 minutes.

When we hit station #2 the rains pretty much had come to an end. It was warming up and extra clothing came off fast. When we finished the sun was trying to come out and it was 70.

The bugs, along with black flies were plentiful. I carry a can of bug spray and we made short work of that problem.

I can't say I remember many no bird calls. I might have used one extra shell.

I would say half the course was in the woods and the other half in open fields.

I shot a 73 and Bob Howard who made the trip with me shot 92...

Friday, May 25, 2007

MEC Auto-Mate

Received from MEC.

We will begin shipping the MEC Auto-Mate through our distribution network starting Friday May 25th.


The company bought out the inventor last year and had promised a March shipping date...

The unit is attached to the base of a 9000g.

It may not be for everyone, but if you have a bad shoulder or arm, it may be something to take a look at.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last shot @ Plattsburgh

After reaching agreement with the EPA, the Plattsburgh Rod & Gun Club (New York) clay target operation will cease at the end of the day on July 8, 2007.

This is an ATA / NSSA member club.

The club plans on relocating and is selling $10 raffle tickets to pick up a few dollars to help ease the relocation process.

The club is raffling off the chance to Shoot the Last Clay Target on July 8th.

In conjunction with the raffle the club is holding a free picnic.

Last Shot Raffle

Winner takes Last Shot and also wins a case of CHALLENGER shotgun ammunition and $50.

Winner need not be present to win ammunition and the $50.

Most that read this will never visit the Plattsburgh area, but if your interested in lending a hand, a ticket can be purchased via the Internet at the link provided.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Registered firing pins?

A firing pin would imprint a serial number into a cartridge when fired.

Break or replace a worn firing pin and you will have to special order an ID specific firing pin (with serial number) for your firearm....

Spare firing pins would need to be kept under lock and key. They may even be limited in number per firearm...

I can imagine the local police stopping by the firing range to check firing pins, ensuring they are being used in the firearms they are registered too.

This law was not passed in California. It seems the anti-gun crowd hopes to get Ted Kennedy to make it a national requirement.


Bullet Cartridges Could ID Criminals

Fri May 18, 2007

WASHINGTON - Gun shots rang out in a House office basement Friday as a Capitol police officer fired a semiautomatic pistol into the chest of a man-sized paper silhouette. Had the paper target been a real victim, and Capitol Police Sgt. William P. Siko a criminal, investigators might have found enough evidence for a conviction in the bullet cartridges left at the scene, gun control advocates said.

Rep. X, , ), D-Calif., arranged for Friday‘s demonstration in a basement firing range in the Rayburn House Office Building. He and Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., are crafting a microstamping bill that aides said has law enforcement support.

"There are ways we can reduce gun violence in America in a smart way, in an effective way and a way that doesn‘t infringe on anyone‘s personal ownership rights," he said.

These characters would be imprinted onto each cartridge case when the gun is fired, allowing investigators to trace cartridges to a particular gun.

But the gun lobby opposes the approach, and even after Virginia Tech congressional Democrats have shown little appetite for gun control legislation, which has proven a political loser in the past.

"It‘s all federal cradle to grave regulation that spends a huge amount of taxpayers‘ money and counts on the criminals‘ cooperation," LaPierre said.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hartford 3

On and off rain in the AM, but clearing skies with the sun popping out in the PM.

Temperature reached into the low 70's.

A bit of wind during the 28 gauge with a few strange targets seen, but nothing to effect scores in any big way.

The .410 was another story.

You be the judge.

While shooting, the person responsible for maintaining the machines came out on the field and ask if he could look at the low house machine, as he thought it should not be throwing targets like that. He thought something may have come loose on the machine and it was costing us targets.

We told him it was the wind, but go for it...

He threw three targets and confirmed it was the wind...

At that point the squad had been beaten up pretty badly and when he confirmed it was the wind and not the machine, we just broke up and carried on as it was good time to let go and have some comic relief. The ref from the other field came over and asked if we could keep it down...

I found it amusing, but I guess you had to be there.

We've all shot in the wind. I don't mind a steady wind, but today it was more of a gusting wind. You just did not know what to expect.

Also, I was keeping an eye on the flag poles and the flags kept changing direction, ever so slightly.

It was close, but I awarded squad member Armando Perruc the "dirty bird" prize. Not once, but twice on the same station he had a high house bird hit the ground before hitting the center stake, and I exaggerate how close it came to the stake.

The local airport changed flight paths in the PM and we had rather large passenger jets flying over the field. On several occasions we wait before calling to allow the aircraft to clear, as you afraid the ref would not hear your call or the airplane was in the flight of the target.

Efficiently run shoot, quick posting of scores, and a club that should be on everyones shoot calender.

I took time to visit the clubs indoor range operation. I ran into two gentlemen who names I do not know who gave me the grand tour of the facility. A wall thought out and very functional facility. Thanks for the tour...

We took the back way to I-90 and found a gas station in Massachusetts selling gas for $3.02. The two service areas on I-90 on Friday were selling gas for $3.05, on Sunday $3.07.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hartford Skeet 2

In the 50's with an on an off drizzle for most of day.

Not to dark, but just a hint of sun would have been welcomed!

Over 60 shooters. I'm sure they lost a few due to the weather...

No delays with squads and in some cases squads going out a bit early.

Once again not a no call bird due to a broken target.

The targets were steady.

The club had at least three kids loading machines.

Both the refs we had were on top of the rules and quick with the button.

96x100 in the AM and 95x100 in the PM.

I had put in my tubes for Sunday AM and readied for Sunday shooting. An hour later I was called for a shoot-off.

Oh oh!

I put in my 20 gauge tubes and could not close my gun : (

After playing around with it I finally grabbed my wife's gun and used it. I made it to station 5...

With a little more time to see what the problem was I found the extractor on the 20 gauge bottom tube had come loose, as it fell to my feet when I knocked out the tube.

I snapped it back on and the gun closed... I give thanks it was just a simple thing.

As the tradition at skeet shoots a meal was served at the end of the day.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hartford Skeet

Leaving home we hit a U.S. Customs checkpoint approximately 50 miles south on NY I-87.

Along with U.S. customs was a K9 unit and the New York State Police.

When we past through they had two vehicles pulled over for secondary inspection. One from NY and the other from Quebec.

We experienced Taxpayer Dollars at work and saw a minimum of 30 minutes of delay in are drive to the club.

We passed through rain but by time we arrived at the club the rains for the most part had past, but it was damp and cool, below 50.

My first time visiting the club.

Easy to find and one of the few clubs that is listed in my GPS without having to input the information.

Registration was straight forward.

Wow on targets...

Really moving along. If you shot Jacksonville, Florida you'd be comfortable. No soft targets at this club...

I shot doubles and was always reaching for the second target.

Pretty much settled down by the forth round. A nice warm up for Saturday.

I don't remember any no bird calls due to broken targets.

The ref was right on the button.

We shot a practice round of singles prior to leaving the club. Eight low had me shaking my head. I changed my hold point and managed to hit a few...

We were charged member rate for the practice round.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Promoting the shooting sports

Such a simple idea and a great way to promote shooting.

A story found @ Berkshires.com

Skeet Shooting Workshops Offered at BCC

The South County Center of Berkshire Community College will offer two skeet shooting workshops on Saturday, June 16. The first workshop will be held from 10am to 12pm, and the second from 12 to 2pm.

“Skeet Shooting” (WKS 647) is a recreational and competitive activity where participants attempt to break clay disks flung in the air at high speed from a variety of angles. This workshop teaches gun safety and shooting techniques for skeet shooting. The instructor, Michael Advocate, completed the National Skeet Shooting Association Instructor’s Course and is a certified Level I Skeet Instructor.

The cost of the workshop is $25. An additional $15, payable to the instructor at the time of class, includes ammunition, targets and text materials. A shotgun for the lesson is provided.

For more information, or to register, visit the South County Center at 343 Main Street in Great Barrington; or call 413-528-4521 or long distance 413-499-4660, ext. 5201 or 5202.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday travels

I took a run up to the La Roue du Roy, as the Canadian club was having an International Skeet competition and I wanted to take a few photos.

More then a few nasty targets as the wind was gusting from time to time. One of those days where one shooter gets a target reaching for the sky and the next shooter sees the target going too ground.

I visited with the club manager/owner and he explained he had expanded the use of the key target system from the skeet fields too include the sporting clay operations.

I've used the key system on the clubs skeet fields, but had not seen it in use for sporting clays.

I talked to a few sporting clay shooters at the club and none reported any problems using the system.

The club is having a sporting clays shoot on Jun 2/3. The club plans on sending all squads out with a key and a pre-programed number of targets. I'm scheduled to shoot so we'll see how it goes. I'll ensure I take a few photos of the key in use and also pass along problems noted, if any.

Saying my goodbyes at La Roue, I headed to Club L'Acadie and hooked up with fellow American Mike Duquette. We shot trap and a few rounds of 5-stand. The club was running 13 machines on the 5-stand.

Jean (John) the club manager took me aside and showed me the thirty Laporte machines the club has warehoused for placement in the Olympic Bunkers.

The club at this time has one operational bunker, but plans to expand to three. The empty bunkers that will be utilized are holdovers from a past Canadian Olympics.

The bunker computer system will have the option of being card operated (target counter) and I saw un-programed cards in the box.

The card will be programmed at the club house with X amount of targets. The shooter will go out without a trapper.

The voice release the club is using on the bunker trap in operation has a reset button on each, for resetting the computer under no bird calls. I would imagine the new ones just purchased have the same feature.

I've shot bunker with and without the button on the voice release, and I prefer the button on the voice release.

For those not into Olympic Bunker (15 machines). Target presentations are controlled via computer. At the end of the round, all shooters see the same targets, over the course of 25 shot.

As I'm lead to understand, the bunker now in operation will be upgraded to the new computer so it can also be operated via the card system.

The computer now in use on the bunker will be moved to the 5-stand.

I imagine when all is up and running a World Cup bid will be made.

The skeet operation at some point will also be going to the card system.

A rather cool day, with it not warning until nearly 4PM.

Worth noting. I saw cases of Laporte International Targets warehoused with the machines, imported from overseas. I was told they were priced competitively against White Flyer and Lawry. The club had no problem getting what it needed.

Hats off, Bob Howard

My shooting partner in Sporting Clays, Bob Howard was selected to the NSCA 2007 New York Open Class State Team.

What makes this kind of neat is Bob only attends a handful of Sporting Clays shoots each year and has only been a member of the NSCA for the past few years.

To attend a serious NSCA shoot with above average targets, we're talking a minimum three hour drive, if not more. A tough region to live in if your a serious sporting clays shooter.

When we attend shoots together, I shoot anywhere in the 60 - 80 range, depending on the course, where Bob is normally in the running for class or shoot champion.

The only thing holding Bob back from being champion or runner up at many shoots is we don't have the facilities at are club for practicing the shots you see at the more advance courses. At a shoot, Bob will miss the first, maybe the second target at a difficult station and then blow them away. The person shooting NSCA each week is hitting the first one. The new club we are forming in the region will have the land and machines for practicing the more difficult target presentations and should help level the playing field.

As for holding back Bob, that's just my observation and not Bob's. Heck, if you did not attend the shoot or read about it, Bob will not even tell you he won anything or how difficult (or easy) the targets were unless you ask him about specific stations.

I've seen people comment on the wind at a trap shoot and Bob will agree with them, not telling them he just shot a 99 or 100. A very modest person and not one to throw his shooting ability in anyones face. When Bob wins, most are happy for him.

The local club shooters enjoy having Bob along when attending turkey and ham fun shoots, as Bob always hands out his winnings to club members who were not so lucky.

Bob is also the 2006 New York State ATA Singles Trap Champion (250x250). The 2007 championships have not yet taken place. Bob is also a pass winner. Back in the 90's he won the state singles championships shooting a Remington 1100.

Bob also shoots skeet, but just in practice. He can hit a number of targets on various stations without raising the gun to his face.

From what I hear, Bob was hell on crows when he was kicking around the woods as a kid..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Make a Wish anti-gun

A noble cause, but...

Sporting Clays Shoot Can Help Make Wishes Come True
Outdoor Writer - Tyler Morning Telegraph

There are sporting clays shoots almost every weekend around Texas, and some benefit good causes.

Few, however, will top the Shooting Stars Sporting Clays shoot June 2 benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.

In its fourth year, the shoot being held at Prairie Creek Sporting Clays range near Gladewater helps the local chapter provide special wishes for youth 2 ½ to 18 who have life-threatening illnesses.

“In our previous years we have had about 75 shooters. This year we are hoping to have more than 100,” said Andrew Clyde, shoot chairman.

Based in Tyler, the local organization serves families in 30 Northeast Texas counties. Last year it granted wishes to 58 youth. It hopes to increase that number to more than 70 this year.

“Eighty percent of the money goes to granting wishes,” Clyde said of the tournament revenue. “All of the money stays in this region.”

He added the organization’s annual budget is about $350,000.

A successful shoot could provide the organization about a third of those dollars.

Entry fee is $150 per person or $700 per team. The entry fee includes registration, a breakfast and lunch, golf cart, shotgun shells and a mulligan during the competition.

Along with the sporting clays shoot, there will be side games designed to raise additional funds for Make-A-Wish. Those participating in the games can win raffle tickets good for either a pheasant hunt in Kansas, a spring turkey hunt in Central Texas or one of two shotguns, a Benelli Super Black Eagle or a Browning Cynergy. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased as well.

Clyde said the shoot has already attracted about 70 shooters, but that there will be no limit on the number who can participate.

Registration for the shoot is under way and will continue on the day of the shoot. Registration forms are available from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas, 215, Winchester Drive, Suite 109, Tyler, online at www.northtexas-wish.org or by calling 903-597-9474.

Registration will begin at 8 a.m. the day of the shoot, and competition will start at 9.

Along with participating in the shoot, there are also sponsor opportunities ranging from $150 to $10,000.

Prairie Creek Sporting Clays is located by taking Interstate-20 East and exiting on Joy Wright Mountain Road (CR 3111), then going north on CR 3111 for three miles.

Steve Knight is Outdoors editor for the Tyler Courier-Times—Telegraph. He can be reached at 903.596.6277. e-mail: outdoor@tylerpaper.com


Not to take away from such a fine organization.


Make a Wish does not grant a child's wish to go hunting, shooting or take part in archery.

May it be suggested to the club.

Hunt of a Lifetime

Hunt of a Lifetime if I remember correctly was founded because of the anti-gun policies of Make a Wish in regard to children's wishes.

If your going to have a charity shoot, why not for the one that supports your beliefs?

Skeet Saturday

When traveling to the Montreal Skeet Club, we were delayed. The bridge was up where we normally cross the St. Lawrence river. I think it's one of the few bridges in the region where you have to wait when a large ocean tanker is making it's way to Lake Ontario or returning to the ocean. Anyway, lost 15 minutes.

We shot NSSA "targets only" skeet at the club. My wife and I also pitched in and each pulled 50 targets.

Some blue skies today and a bit of sun. The black rim targets you see widely used in Canada were much easier to pick up then on the days when its dark and overcast.

In the old days when the Montreal Club use to host the Canadian Skeet Championships and many American shooters attended, they would throw all orange targets. The next week they would be back to black rims. As I understand it they have used black rims at the Worlds. I'm sure they work well, as long as the sun is shinning and you have blue skies.

I think the squad saw one no bird call due to a broken target. A bit of wind but not to bad.

The Montreal Club caters to all disciplines and also has trap, Olympic bunker, International skeet, sporting, and 5-stand. I have a trap and sporting clays shoot on my shoot calendar.

When we departed, we decided to stop at the Valleyfield gun club, as we pass it on the way home.

Would you know it, we had to wait at the bridge...

This is the first year in my memory the Valleyfield club is open on Saturdays. In past years, just Tuesday and Wednesday.

Five years ago this club was almost dead. A few trap and skeet shooters took the club over from the previous caretakers (undertakers) and returned the club to life.

There was not much to take over, as the club was in need of serious repairs, both machines and buildings. They had to replace the clubhouse roof the first year, just to ensure they would not lose the building. Well, not exactly the first year, as they had no money to replace the roof. All the monies from the first shoots went towards the roof. The skeet building were in bad shape. The trap houses all needed to be replaced. All machines required a rebuild.

You get the picture...

The club just replaced the wiring leading to the fields. In the next two weeks they will be replacing two fences.

A three man squad was going out when we pulled into the parking lot. They waited for us to get are guns together so we could join them.

Nice looking targets and we got to shoot with Marcel Leblond who just shot 100 straight at the 16 yard line in trap. I dogged Marcel all through the round and sure enough he missed the 25th target : )

Marcel several years back was honored for 50,000 registered trap targets.

Always a nice bunch at the Valleyfield club.

I'm always saying this, but no problems crossing the border in either direction.

We're still able to use a drivers license to cross and we have all required firearm paperwork. Will probable be looking at passports in the future, but at this point only needed for those who fly.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Protecting your property, Canada?

Every now and then I come across an article that leaves me shaking my head.

Let me share this with you...

Thunder Bay's Source - Canada

Charges laid in shotgun B&E

Two men are facing charges after one of them tried to protect his property from being robbed.

The strange incident took place on Townline Road Tuesday.

Police were dispatched to the property after a 911 call.

When they arrived, they found the caller, a 22-year-old man, inside his pickup truck. He was being watched over by the 76-year-old property owner, who was armed with a shotgun.

Apparently the younger man was attempting to break into buildings on the property when he was discovered by the owner, who tried to block him in by a fence with his own vehicle. But when the thief then tried to drive through the fence, the owner grabbed his shotgun and fired once into the air. That's when police were called.

The younger man faces a charge of break and enter.

The 76-year-old HAS BEEN CHARGED with two firearms offences.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wright's repaired my shotgun

I was able to take my Browning out today after UPS delivery on Tuesday.

Seventy five shots and no failures to fire.

If you've been following my postings, the safety kept locking into position after the first shot. I found the safety spring had broken.

Wright's said they could have the firearm repaired inside two weeks.

Music to my ears : )

They received it on Tuesday and I was called on Thursday requesting payment, as the shotgun had been repaired. They sent it out the same day, regular UPS. I could have asked to have it shipped overnight if I needed it for the weekend, but that was not the case.

It's not if it was a so called simple repair. It was, my gun is broken, when can you have it repaired and returned?

If you sent in a firearm and several weeks (or months) have gone by from the promised repair date, you hear what I'm saying.

Looking at the promotional material received with the shotgun I did not realize Wright's had there own line of chokes for all popular models, as well as gun repair.

    Wright's has been in business since 1973, serving the discriminating shooter and collector. We are a complete gunsmithing business that specializes in the repair of Winchester, Browning, Beretta and Perazzi shotguns. Is that all we work on? Of course not. If you have a shotgun that needs repaired, we will take care of it. We offer the best method of backboring in the industry for any quality shotgun, along with any other barrel and choke conversions available.
I had been thinking of picking up a set of IM chokes for my Browning and may give Wright's a second look.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spent shell containers on the skeet field?

I posted this topic on a talk board. I expanded on my comments a bit and I'm passing it along.

I was asked if spent shell buckets/containers could be used during a registered skeet shoot?

Low profile containers positioned next to each station, except station 8. There usually just a little forward of the pad and don't interfere with entering or leaving the pad.

The questions was asked, as the person asking was told they WERE NOT allowed during registered NSSA events.

I had never given it any thought and have seen them used at numerous clubs. I looked up the rules and did not find any mandatory rule that prohibits anything of the sort.

I've shot and also pulled targets where they were used. I found they made for easy range cleanup and except for a little cord management, no big deal.

I see them used at the 16 yard line in trap and of course at sporting clays courses. Trap shooter also have a voice release to contend with and sporting clay shooters are normally shooting out of a stand. I don't think anyone could object to a low profile container placed at each skeet station, except station #8, and maybe not even for station #8.

At some skeet shoots I see the majority of shooters seem to take great pleasure in throwing spent hulls too the ground, not really caring who gets stuck with cleanup.

Anything in the rules against the use of same or does anyone have any serious objections to there use?

Monday, May 07, 2007

The last shoot

My wife Heide and I spent the weekend refereeing at the Plattsburgh Rod & Gun Clubs last 4-Gun NSSA skeet shoot. The club is located in upstate New York, near the Canadian border.

As it's the home club, we pull targets when they hold a shoot and pass on shooting.

It works out well. A volunteer club and we don't mind lending a hand. We also help out at the clubs fun shoots and when needed, trap shoots.

Speaking of volunteers. My friend Phil Lamarche is scheduled for back surgery and he crawled down to the club and made sure the fields were mowed. I think a volunteer of the year nomination is in order...

The shoot had a name, but it could easily have been called the "Dirty Bird Open" as the wind played some cruel tricks on targets. The doubles on Friday saw some downright nasty birds.

Chris Wong on Saturday was the only shooter I pulled for who was able to pass on a target diving into the ground. Not often a shooter has the discipline to withhold a shot. No bird was called, as it obviously did not go through the imaginary hoop. He was allowed to re-shoot. Good call ref : )

Chris and his wife Rebeca are an interesting couple. They reside in Quebec and are originally from Hong Kong. Chris shoots skeet and Rebeca is always present, lending support. She has offered to teach me Mandarin. Heck, I hope she'd work on my english.

This is the clubs last 4-gun skeet shoot as the club is closing on a date in July.

We danced around with the EPA for a few years, but the handwriting was on the wall due to environmental concerns. A new location has been scouted and it looks like a new and better club will be built with expanded shooting facilities. Something we could not do at the present location because of lack of land for expansion. In any case, a four field skeet and trap club is in the plans, along with a 300 meter rifle range, and room for sporting clays. In this region, a major club.

Anyone wish to make a donation : )

The last .410 squad!

Don Speck (Quebec), Max Lemay (Quebec), Peg Meunier (Vermont), Ted Meunier (Vermont), Ron LeCouteru (Quebec).

Referee Joe Potosky, the Lost Target (right)

Peg Meunier will be recorded as the last women to record a 25 straight in registered 4-gun skeet at the Plattsburgh club.

Max LeMay is the last to shoot a 25 straight, being the only shooter on the squad to go straight in the last round of the .410 event.

Max Lemay was HOA and Peg Meunier was Lady HOA.

The shoot was sponsored by Budweiser.

A tune up targets only skeet shoot this weekend and then Hartford.

But I do hear an International Skeet Shoot is scheduled at the La Roue Du Roy this weekend : )

Gator Skeet & Trap

I received word from the Gator Skeet & Trap club in Florida that the second Olympic Bunker is now operational and all skeet machines have been replaced.

When I visited last the new bunker was waiting on the new machines to arrive. As the first bunker, this is a 15 machine bunker.

Dirt still needs to be moved and grass planted, but for future shoots, there set to go...

Gator Skeet & Trap

Much has been done in the last year to make the club fully functional for all shoot disciplines.

With the new skeet machines, an effort to expand the clubs NSSA shoot program is in the talking stages. As always the case, regional shooters are going to need to get out and support the shoot program.

If your club is looking for used Winchester single stack machines, say for use on a five stand, you might want to contact the club.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Rugged Gear

I've had two flat tires and decided to replace the standard tires that come with the Rugged Gear gun cart. I placed an order and purchased the upgraded tires they offer.

From the web site:

    Flat tires can ruin your day - so we came up with a semi-solid tire that has the look, feel, and handling of a pneumatic…but will never go flat! You can replace your existing shooting cart tires with these (installation isn't "a snap," but handy folks get it done).
The tires arrived today.

The shipping box contained no instructions.


The tires just don't just snap in place and I'm almost not a handy person. It took a bit of figuring and the lack of instuctions left some concern.

I decided to clamp the tire and rim in two sections and then walk the rest of the tire around the rim. This was not easy as it sounds as you really have to manhandle the tire onto the rim, even the sections that I clamped, but it worked.

After finally getting both clamps in place, working the tire on the rim a little at at a time and clamping, I literally took my knee and pressed the lower 180 degrees of the tire onto the rim, section by section.

The bottom line is you have to have some way of locking the tire onto the rim at different points, as it will pop off as your working it. I suppose two or three sets of hands could do it or maybe a bicycle shop has a tool for such installations.

I still say with the audience Rugged Gear is targeting, the upgraded tires should be standard, as a person with shotgun and ammunition in a RUGGED part of the course, can ill afford a flat tire.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Odds & Ends (May 3)

Wrights Gunsmiths.

I sent my receiver in for repairs Monday afternoon. The safely latch would not stay locked in the off position and after the first shot the safety would engage. Made shooting doubles and report pairs a little difficult.

As posted previously, I needed to find someone who could do a quick turnaround, as that's the gun I tubed and use for small gauge skeet events.

Received a call this afternoon from Wrights asking for payment.

The gun was repaired.

They received it on Tuesday and I get the call on Thursday. What more can you ask?

It's going UPS this afternoon.


That sure made my day...



I had problems with the MEC Large Capacity Primer Feed I purchased and returned it to Gamaliel after MEC told me it was defective.

I purchased via Gamaliel as they were charging well below the price listed on the MEC web site.

Monday I received a telephone call from Gamaliel to confirm what was wrong with the Primer Feed. Wednesday UPS delivered a new one. Gamaliel did not charge for shipping.

MEC had offered to exchange the Primer Feed without going through Gamaliel, but I decided to stick with Gamaliel.

I placed it on the 20 gauge 9000G reloader. The first primer dropped right in the center of the hole. No adjustment required : )



Brownells has it's act together.

I ordered a part and not only received an email confirmation, but two hour later I received a notification the part had been shipped.


Rugged Gear.

I don't know how I would do without my Rugged Gear cart, but I hate the tires that came with it.

Two flats, with one being at Rochester Brooks just this past month. Lucky I was near my vehicle and it was just a slow leak. The tire pump took care of the problem long enough so I could get around the course.

Yes, I could carry around a can of Fix Flat, but I decided to not go that route.

Rugged Gear offers a flat free tire and I placed an order to replace all tires. I should have them Friday.

I understand it cost a few bucks more to offer flat free tires as standard equipment, but when your in the middle of a course, shooting registered, you have better things to be doing then fixing a flat tire.

The company needs to look at the audience that's purchasing it's product.

If I was buying new, I'd spend the extra dollars and upgrade.



Spell Check

If your running Internet Explorer I highly recommend ieSpell.


Allows you to spell check when your posting to talk boards with just a right click of the mouse.

The free version is all you need.


Web Site.

I was not happy with the way the Montreal Skeet Clubs web site was formatted (I'm the webmaster) so I played around with it a bit and I think it's 1000 percent better : )

Of course there was one bit of code that was giving me problems. I must of wasted two hours playing around with it. It's not suppose to be that hard, but a period instead of a comma can cause problems. I will never know what the problem was as I just deleted the code and started from scratch. It worked as planned.

Still need to play around with the opening page a bit, but I cleaned up the site considerable and I think much easier to get around.


The Lost Target.

I added two new categories. Home Invasion and Stun Guns.

I'm increasingly coming across articles in regard to Home Invasion. I'm not sure everyone is aware of how common that phenomenon has become in recent years.

Stun guns is the next big crisis, much bigger then firearms.

What criminal would not want to use a stun gun?

Take the victim (you) down fast with little fuss.

Why would a bad guy use a firearm when he can use a stun gun?


World Shoot.

I'm still seething over the World Shoot postings, where Americans were called slobs because the way they dressed at the awards.


The postings could have been handled in a way that recognized the shooters accomplishments. You know, with a little class. Then maybe suggest they might want to dress up for the occasion, but to call them outright slobs and what have you...

After I posted my thoughts on the subject, I came across the same theme reposted on other talk boards by obviously the same people.

Makes you wonder if some have issues that are better taken care of in therapy and not on talk boards. Obviously trying to draw attention to themselves.

All it takes is for one too agree and they feel justified in there actions, no matter what criticism they may receive or hurtful the comments they made.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lewis Class, yes!

Received a check today from Rochester Brooks for my brilliant sporting clays shooting at the Spring Deuce.

Lucky draw to be honest.

Lewis Class is probable this shooters only chance to ever see any money at a sporting clays or trap shoot, unless I have one of those days where all targets look like they are the size of watermelons.

I usually play the Lewis in sporting and trap, when offered. So far it's paid off in 2007 as I also received Lewis Class monies from a trap shoot in Florida.

A few years back I won $330 in a Lewis Class FITASC fun shoot with the worst score you could imagine. Not even braking 50 out of 100. I was in way over my head, but I happened to hit the lowest Lewis Class payout they were offering.

You just never know...

Blaser USA

I emailed the Blaser office in Germany and asked if it was true they were leaving the US market in regard to shotguns or was it just hot air.

This was in regard to an internet gun talk board posting where it was said;

Blaser is gone!!!!


Dear Mr. Potosky,

Thank you for your email and your interest in our products.

Please be advised that the rumor mentioned below is pure "hot air"!

At the beginning of the year we introduced our new distributor in USA, Blaser USA; if you require any further information about our products in the US please contact Blaser USA, Ms. Iliana Ivanova, email iliana.ivanova@blaser-usa.com who will be pleased to assist you.

Best regards,

Monika Alexander

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Posting of scores

We see it all the time. The XYZ club post scores from a sporting clays shoot on an internet talk board. Shooters that were beat up by the course or just giving the sport a try, find the complete world is aware of there performance.

Some will say if you’re going to play with the big boys. Maybe true, but…

What’s the long term impact of posting scores of shooters on internet talk boards who hit no more than 50 targets in a 100 target sporting clays event?

What does it accomplish?

Does it help grow the sport or keep it from growing?

Does the posting of scores for all shooters on a talk board impact future participation of those thinking of entering the sport, but are maybe a little apprehensive of having the whole world see the results?

What would be the downside of posting scores of only the top ten shooters in each class in a registered event?

I post scores for several clubs. I've received emails from shooters who were in fun shoots asking if I could make there scores disappear. Most, if not all request were from new shooters just out to have a good time. I can tell you the scores and names were deleted in a heartbeat. Was I wrong? I don't really care if you think I was wrong, as my gut said I did the right thing...

Do we really need to know that Joe Public shot a 45x100?

Jacket & tie required?

Fashion police have commented on the world shoot.

Brandon Powell won the FITASC side event at the World Sporting Clays shoot held at the National Complex last weekend.

The first posting I come across bashes him for the way he dressed when accepting his medal instead of congratulating him for his accomplishment.

Say what...

Give me a break!

Was he wearing a top? Yes.

Was he wearing a bottom? Yes.

Was he gracious when he accepted his award? Yes.

For those who have a problem in how shooters dress when accepting awards, and this was a shoot with shooters from other countries in attendance. I suggest the United Nations form a committee to address dress code standards at shooting events, for all shooting disciplines.

And, while they are at it. They should require all criticisms to start off with congratulations on the shooters accomplishment before bashing the shooter for not conforming to perceived dress code standards.

Enough said...

By the way;

Congratulations Brandon Powell on your fine shooting performance and beating some of the top shooters in the world.

CH Brandon Powell 22 24 23 24 93
RU 2nd Wendell Cherry 22 23 21 25 91
3rd Ben Husthwaite 22 23 23 23 91