Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wright's repaired my shotgun

I was able to take my Browning out today after UPS delivery on Tuesday.

Seventy five shots and no failures to fire.

If you've been following my postings, the safety kept locking into position after the first shot. I found the safety spring had broken.

Wright's said they could have the firearm repaired inside two weeks.

Music to my ears : )

They received it on Tuesday and I was called on Thursday requesting payment, as the shotgun had been repaired. They sent it out the same day, regular UPS. I could have asked to have it shipped overnight if I needed it for the weekend, but that was not the case.

It's not if it was a so called simple repair. It was, my gun is broken, when can you have it repaired and returned?

If you sent in a firearm and several weeks (or months) have gone by from the promised repair date, you hear what I'm saying.

Looking at the promotional material received with the shotgun I did not realize Wright's had there own line of chokes for all popular models, as well as gun repair.

    Wright's has been in business since 1973, serving the discriminating shooter and collector. We are a complete gunsmithing business that specializes in the repair of Winchester, Browning, Beretta and Perazzi shotguns. Is that all we work on? Of course not. If you have a shotgun that needs repaired, we will take care of it. We offer the best method of backboring in the industry for any quality shotgun, along with any other barrel and choke conversions available.
I had been thinking of picking up a set of IM chokes for my Browning and may give Wright's a second look.

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