Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Photograph viewing problems

Photographs on the Lost Target.

At times the server may be slow or you will receive an error message.

The server (shared host) the photos are posted to has on and off problems that are being looked at by the hosting company. Not just for me, but for all that use it.

I use three hosting companies, but use a shared host for the photo program, as a dedicated server would not be cost effective (cost to much) to host photographs.

I do this at my own expense, but donations to the Lost Target do help keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum, but they can't be relied on.

Anyway, most times you should not have a problem looking at the photos, but until they find out what problem they are having...


Saying all of that, feel free to send me your photographs for posting.

Usually have them up the same day...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trap @ Montreal Skeet Club

Winds up to 25 mph and a bit on the cool side, but sunny.

I started the day wearing shorts and ended in long pants.

Most of the day I had a wind coming off my left shoulder.

Not the greatest targets nor the worst, but with the wind, not to bad.

I shot 90 in the AM and 88 in the PM.

I was doing OK until I shot the last 50. I had a problem reading the trap until I realized the targets were slower then the previous fields.

I missed the first three targets on the last trap : (

It didn't help that we received a ton of broken targets on the last trap. I presume a trap boy was in a rush loading, as there was no indication this had been experienced by previous squads.

The club had six fields running but not all had voice release. None of the fields I shot had voice release. The squad received several slow pulls. Give me a voice release any day.

Crossing the border was no big deal, entering Canada or leaving.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Skeet in Vermont last Sunday

We attended the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County two gun NSSA shoot this past Sunday.

28 & .410 at $22 per gun, to include NSSA fees.

An honors shoot, no money returned.

A nice turnout with 27 shooters. This may not seem like a large number, but for a club in Vermont where registered skeet shooters are as rare as Conservative Republicans, a nice turnout indeed, especially when monies are not being awarded.

More then one shooter commented on the price of the shoot (reasonable priced) and the preference for attending one day shoots.

Rain threatened for most of the shoot, but it was one of those days where it rained to the North or the South, with the club not seeing more than a brief shower in the morning.

A slight breeze for most of the day on field #1 (left), but no wind at anytime on field #3.

Field #3 (right) is a tough field to shoot, as the tree background is a bit closer then the other two fields. I was told they could not push the tree line to the right of station #4 back any further because of the location of the rifle range.

A couple of ladies were running the kitchen (a new crew from my previous visits) and one Vermont shooter loaded machines when he was not shooting. BJ Smith from New York was not shooting and took out two squads. Several shooters also took out squads.

A small club shoot with no paid help.

Vermont shooter Brendan Fox, 11 years old was making his first visit and shot the 28 gauge. Just the previous day he was at Montpelier, shooting in the Vermont State ATA Championships.

Seven shooters attended from New York and I'm sure I saw a Quebec shooter or two.

In July, the club is having a 200 target .410 shoot, $25 per hundred.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

FITASC @ L'Acadie

A visit to L'Acadie to take part in the two parcour FITASC shoot.

$35 for 50 targets.

I was completely out of my league. A bad idea to not shoot a few rounds of 5-stand in the last few days and certainly not the time to use a different brand of ammunition.

I know better. I shoot skeet with a tube set and I know I need a few rounds of 5-stand to get the gun moving properly after the tubes have been removed. For the sporting clays shoot a few weeks past I made sure I did the practice, but not this time : (

I used both barrels on most singles.

Very warm and a bit of a breeze. Some of the targets may have been pushed down a bit by the wind.

Parcour #1 was not an IC course, but was the easiest of the two. Targets were hittable and easy to see.

Parcour #2 had several targets that were hard to see, but I think it was because we were shooting down at a number of targets, with a grass background that had the color of a hay field. The targets on edge were really tough to see. The parcour was situated in an old rifle range, with the tops of the berms wide enough to drive a vehicle on. All three stations were located on the top of the berm.

In any case, a demanding course, but one that dedicated sporting clays shooters should not have a problem with.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Odds & Ends (Jun 9)

AA Hulls.

I've experienced a rather large number of AA 20 Gauge hull separations in the past few weeks. The plastic separating about 1/2 inch above the base.

In skeet you call that a whistler and get the shot over.

A concern and something I'm watching closely...


Foot position.

My foot position in Sporting Clays has probable cost me a dozen targets at my last two shoots.

At a number of stations I could not get comfortable because the ground beneath my feet was not level. I should have just stepped back and tried to reset, but...

At a few stations it was just not setting up properly for the second shot.

Anyway, off balance and finding the gun coming off my shoulder.

I have to shoot smarter.



The paperwork has been submitted for attending the sporting clays lobster shoot in August.

Also, shooting the FITASC for some unknown reason : )

I have enough problems with sporting to be shooting FITASC, but as long as we keep it fun...

It will be a first time visit. The club has been on my list for a visit for some time as I have always heard great things about the club.

I saw that Grrr Gear is a sponsor. They told me they will have goods for sale during the shoot. I've been looking for a replacement vest and wanted to get one with the FITASC line, as in the past at the shoots I attended they just marked the line with chalk for those who didn't have one.



My friend Pierre Dubois is holding a FITASC shoot at his home club next weekend and I'm scheduled to shoot on Saturday.

If it was not Pierre holding the shoot I would pass, as I would not normally travel just to shoot FITASC.



I last shot ATA trap in April and maybe a few rounds last month.

I find myself committed to shooting in the Quebec Provincial in a few weeks.

I'm not foolish enough to shoot handicap and doubles and will just take part in the 200 target singles event.

A day or two of practice is in order.

Last year the targets looked the size of watermelons and I won my class for non-resident.

The days when the targets look extra large don't happen that often.

I just hope for a bit of sun to make the of the orange of the target jump out.


Montreal Skeet Club.

We visited the Montreal Skeet today (Saturday) and shot NSSA Targets Only.

The club was busy as they had a group in consisting of children and adults, mostly children of shooting age. A number of first time shooters.

The club broke them down into various groups and I think they all had a chance to shoot skeet, trap, sporting clays and 5-stand.

From what the club was charging, I doubt if they made any money off the shooters, but I suspect that was not the goal...

A number of club regulars were on hand shooting the various disciplines, including the Olympic bunker.

After shooting skeet, my wife and I took a turn taking out a squad.

The Montreal Club was using containers on the skeet fields for those who insist on throwing empties to the ground and would hopefully use the containers instead of the ground. A container was at each station, to include station #8.

When we were shooting they were not a problem, and as referees, no big deal and cord management was not a problem.

Dumping shells on the ground is the norm for many that shoot 12 and 20 and is not uncommon at private clubs. I'm sure the containers make life a little easier on the clean up crew, only having to harvest hulls from those who shoot an automatic. I'm only surprised I don't see them used at more clubs.



The club is closing and negotiations are moving forward on the purchase of new property. If it all works out we will be moving to 140 acres.

Still a chance to purchase a raffle ticket, or two : )

A chance to support the club at a nominal cost.


Global Warming.

Little noticed and not reported in the main stream press, but the nations of the world just agreed to the proposals pushed by George Bush.

Under the vaunted Kyoto, from 2000 to 2004, Europe managed to increase its emissions by 2.3 percentage points over 1995 to 2000. Only two countries are on track to meet targets. There's rampant cheating, and endless stories of how select players are self-enriching off the government "market" in C02 credits. Meanwhile, in the U.S., under the president's oh-so-unserious plan, U.S. emissions from 2000 to 2004 were eight percentage points lower than in the prior period.

Mr. Bush's insisted that any "global" program include big emitters such as China and India (Kyoto doesn't) and the use of technology to improve the use coal and nuclear power, not ban there use.

Anyway, I will not bore you with further details, but for you that find fault in all the Bush does or just hate America, when it was all said and done the world lined up with George Bush.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Did the Canadian Firearm Centre pull a fast one?

Non-Resident Firearms Declaration (Visiting Canada with a Firearm)

Did the Canadian Firearm Centre pull a fast one on the Conservative government?

The Canadian government reduced the visitors fee for the Firearms Declaration from $50 (Canadian) to $25 in 2005.

This action was taken to encourage Americans to take part in hunting and the target shooting sports. It was felt $50 was hurting hunting and the target shooting disciplines and a roll back was needed, as cross border crossings had declined sharply.

When the fee was $50 the declaration was good for one year, with a new confirmation number annotated upon each entry. Payment of an additional fee was not required until a new declaration was required (365 days from date of issue).

In the last year we find the $25 is only good for 60 days for the random visitor, the visitor who may enter two or three times throughout the year.

As an example; A person attends a target shoot in May and pays $25, leaves Canada. Returns in October for hunting and is required to pay an additional $25?

Does the Canadian Firearm Centre think we are that stupid?


Received Jun 5, 2007

A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration acts as a federal firearms licence and registration for the firearm(s) being brought in, during a specific visit. Re-issuance of the Non-Resident Firearms Declaration after the indicated expiry date does result in a new fee being required.


Brenda, CPS Communications

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Visitors to Canada with Firearms

An inquiry to the Canadian Firearm Centre (June 5th, 2007) has confirmed that those who visit Canada on a random bases during the year will be charged $25 (Canadian) every 60 days for a Non-Resident Firearms Declaration.

In the past you could renew each 60 days at no cost, for up to one year.


A Non-Resident Firearms Declaration acts as a federal firearms licence and registration for the firearm(s) being brought in, during a specific visit. Re-issuance of the Non-Resident Firearms Declaration after the indicated expiry date does result in a new fee being required.

Non-Restricted Firearms
(Ordinary rifles and shotguns)

Once this declaration has been confirmed by a customs officer, it is valid for a period of up to sixty (60) days. This confirmed declaration is also a temporary firearms licence and registration. If you are remaining in Canada for more than sixty (60) days, you may extend the validity of your confirmation by calling the Canada Firearms Centre at 1 800 731-4000 and asking to be transferred to the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) of the province or territory where you are.


Brenda, CPS Communications

Small gauge primers?

I've come across talk board postings for the use of Cheddite, Rio, & Nobel Sport primers in the small (sub) gauges.

Several shooters told me they are using them in small gauge reloads and seem to be happy with them.

The mentioned primers are generally $25 - $35 cheaper per five-thousand then name brand primers.

However, when I visit the powder or primer companies web sites, I fail to find reloading data for the small gauge.

Using tubes in the small gauges I hate to use a primer that has no data published, as I really don't need a blown tube.

Do I take advice of shooters who say just back off 10% on your powder drop?

I don't think so...

I would hope at some point Shotgun Sports or one of the other shotgun magazines would do an in depth article on the use of inexpensive primers in other then the 12 gauge and if it's feasible or folly.

In the same article, discuss the physical size of the primer in comparison to the standard American brands.

Maybe I'm just being over cautious...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Target Key @ La Roue du Roy

I attended the sporting clays shoot at the La Roue du Roy in Quebec today and the Target Key counter system was used.

I had mentioned in the past that I would take a few photos of the key system when I next shot the club. They can be found at the link listed, along with a few comments.

Target Key

An overall nice day at the shoot and less humid then experienced on Saturday when we shot in Vermont.

I want to say over 150 shooters, but I'd have to go back and check the score sheet for exact numbers. Shooters from Ontario, Vermont, and New York attended.

16 stations (two machines each), no hand traps.

The shooters you'd expect to shoot in the high 80's did just that and everyone else basically shot the scores expected.

Not to many no bird calls.

I think station 12 may have had a low battery charge, as the targets on both machines released slowly. It did not help the battery any that it was overcast for a good part of the day and the system was being charged by a solar panel.

Overall an IC course with the use of skeet choke not being a handicap. One target was best shot with LM with maybe an eight foot lead.

A number of presentations where you shot targets below your feet either by standing on a platform or using the lay of the land. Not something seen at many clubs in this region.

A few said they had problems seeing various targets, but I never had that problem.

It could be that I've learned to pay attention to the show targets or I just got lucky and my lens color matched what was needed to see the targets.

A basic 5-stand was used for practice, but only 20 shots allowed. It helped me a bit as I had been shooting a tubed gun the day before.

Saturday @ Underhill

We headed over to Vermont to shoot the June Bug Open at Underhill.

Rain for most of the drive but 15 minutes from the club the rain stopped.

The weather was unsettled and the rains held off except for a sprinkle or two, but we did hear the distant sound of thunder in the PM.

Very humid, think August...

As always, a well run shoot.

My wife beat me in the 12 gauge and the 20 gauge event. I'll be doing dishes for the rest of the month : )

The club sprung a surprise and thanked me for my efforts in promoting the club and Vermont shooting.



As the tradition for the first weekend in June, Sunday will see me attending the annual sporting clays shoot at the La Roue du Roy in Quebec, Canada.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Doubles @ Underhill

At my club we normally end the day with a round of skeet doubles, with low score buying a round of beer. At times we incorporate this tradition at shoots we attend.

Today was one of those days.

We had what I call the Budweiser Challenge at the Underhill club.

My adversary who last shot against me at Valleyfield decided to even the score at todays registered shoot. He's one heck of a doubles shooter at the home club, but does not travel well : )

Not even close and that was after a slow start.

I dropped four targets in the first round and on one station I even shot at the targets in reverse order.

I could not even tell you why I shot the high house first when on station #5, but thats just what I did. For some reason I thought I was on station #4 : (

He got close at times, but even a score of 24 on the last round was not enough, as I shot a 25.

We settled the bet with him buying me a coke and I having the bragging rights the next time we meet at the home club : )

Rising cost @ the club

As shooters question the rising cost, what is your club doing to address this issue, especially if your a member run club?

1. Purchasing targets by the trailer, instead of several pallets at a time.

2. Selling cheaper brands of ammunition at cost.

3. Allowing club members to take part in club buys of reloading components.

Another factor in the escalation of shoot fees is members receiving a free ride in use of the club for non-clay target shooting activities, 365 days of the year.

At what point do all members pay there fair share in times of rising cost?

Other than membership fees, what do archery, rifle, pistol, hunting, and fishing bring into your club each year?

When (if) they hold a shoot, what monies does the club receive?

What percentage of bills do they pay in regard to taxes, insurance, club maintenance, electric, and water?

The upkeep of an outdoor range, to include archery, is an ongoing expense that is often overlooked by the general membership.

Every time a clay target is thrown, the club at a minimum is making 100% profit.

What profit does the club make from other disciplines?

That's the name of the game, PROFIT, as that's what pays the bills...

Can your club afford to subsidize shooters in other disciplines at the expense of clay target shooters?

Is it that shooters in other disciplines cannot afford to pay there fair share or are you afraid of losing them as members?

A raise in membership fees may be the answer, instead of raising shoot fees.

Or, members may be required to pay an additional usage fee for non-clay target shooting activities.

All members who wish to use the club for non-clay target actives will pay a surcharge each year.

Example. Membership $30, plus optional $10 club usage fee for non-clay target shooting activities. Issue club membership card accordingly. Waive the fee for juniors.

For many clubs it's time for the Board of Directors to address the issue of clay target shooting fees, user fees, and membership fees...