Friday, January 11, 2008

Lead recovery, clay target shooting

A handful of companies will harvest lead.

However, you have to plan for this and I was told to not even contact them unless you have shot 2,000,000 targets in a designated area, such as over skeet or trap fields.

A club recently found the majority of shot was falling in the tree line, not in the cleared area in front of the fields.

They had the recommended 300 yard shot fall zone, and the tree line was far enough away so it did not interfere with shooting, but the majority of shot was falling where it could not be economically recovered.

Not saying you have to clear 300 yards in front of the fields, but you do need to know where the majority of shot falls and plan accordingly.

Most clubs make out in regard to shot recovery, as they either receive cash or a percentage of shot recovered.

Don't be a club that losses money on such a project.

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