Sunday, January 27, 2008

World Bunker Trap listing

Christian Krämer of Germany is attempting to put together a listing of all Olympic Bunker traps in the world, to include maps and club webs sites (if any).

He will also list clubs that offer International Skeet and most likely just for Europe, sporting clays courses.

Rather a large undertaken and if I'm correct, a first, as I have not come across any site that list all bunkers in the world.

Here's the email address if you wish to pass along any information in regard to bunker trap or International skeet at your club. A lone wobble trap at your club is not Olympic bunker.

The site will be posted in German, but as I understand it an English section will also be offered. I volunteered my wife to proofread postings in English : )

I appreciate being asked to check out the English postings on the site, but Christian so far has had no problems with the English language in emails received.

I doubt he will make many mistakes. I would not be surprised if he had English in grade school as during my time in Germany most children were taking one or more languages. The only problem is he may have learned the Queens English and not American and that can lead to some interesting use of slang.

Christian needs your input to pull this off...



For those looking for US and Canada Bunkers....

Bunker Link

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  1. Now that was fast Joe!
    I am pretty sure I found almost every Trap Bunker in the US, Canada (thanks to losttarget!), in Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the UK. I am really after Clubs in South America, Africa, Asia and I am surprised how little I found in Spain and Portugal.
    I decided that I make the website visible now - - there is still a lot of dead links on there - so no need to report those! :)
    There will be a listing for every country but I will put another one is that links to every bunker in the world. So far that is 120 clubs.
    I think when it comes to content there will be more in English then in German in the end. Most Germans can read enough English to get it and this way we keep it as international as possible.
    And by the way when it comes to School English - I say ass not arse - so I guess the Queen didn't have that much influence on my education!