Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reloading to cut the cost of shooting?

Cutting back on shooting because of the cost of shells?

It can be argued successfully that even with the present cost of components, money can be saved if you reload, especially for practice.

A smart buy of components is a must. Shopping at Gander Mountain is not smart shopping.

If you have a reloader, it may be time to rethink your loads. If not, maybe its time to purchase a used reloader.

A NSSA skeet shooter usually has four re-loaders. Loading .410 shells for practice is a viable option. 800 shells can be loaded from one bag of lead.

Many trap shooters are avid re-loaders. A 7/8 ounce 12 gauge shell should be a no brainer. International Bunker and International Skeet shooters shoot 24 Gram loads at targets that are harder than regular targets. 24 Grams is less lead than the 7/8ounce of lead used in 20 gauge load.

Bag of shot = 25 lbs. = 400 ounces

Loads per bag:

1/2 oz. = 800 loads
5/8 oz. = 639
11/16 oz. = 581
3/4 oz. = 533
13/16 oz. = 492
24 Gram = 472
7/8 oz. = 457 loads
1 oz. = 400
1-1/8 oz. = 355 loads

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