Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fair price to charge for 5-stand?

We were discussing 5-stand and the price a club was charging.

A few shooters were not happy with the price being charged, as they thought they should pay the same as skeet and trap shooters or just a little more.

From my perspective the club was not charging enough. I said the club was probable losing money or at least not maintaining the same profit margin as seen in skeet and trap.

I got the "eye" roll...


- Five to twelve show targets depending on number of machines. Not every squad takes them, but they do add.

- You always get "can I see one more".

- If a no bird, targets must be repeated. 5-stand is mostly report pairs or doubles. Broken targets and/or machine problems can quickly add to the number of targets thrown.

- Cost to purchase specialty targets, such as those used in a rabbit machine.

- At the end of a round, shooters asking to re-shoot a certain presentation, or two, or three.


- Electrical cost compared to skeet and trap. The more machines the higher the cost.

- Annual cost of spare parts.

- It takes longer to recoup the cost of a machine.


- Not a factor at most volunteer clubs, but unlike skeet and trap at least one person has to be launching targets. We got away from this in trap and as long as two shooters in skeet, a non-issue.

- Moving targets to each machine

- Loading machines.

- It takes longer to open and close the 5-stand field.


  1. Joe, Don't forget the initial investment in machines at $2500 to $3000 per, and the need to replace them when maintenance is no longer feasible.

  2. Joe, your spot on with this comment. We at 20th Skeet and Clays in Hooksett NH charge $3.00 for a round of skeet and $5.00 for 5-stand, double those prices for non - members. The cost of our next load of targets is $12,000.00 thats $0.07 ea. x 25 = $1.75 per round without show targets and overhead. It's a good thing we are member owned and not for profit because at 3.00 & 5.00 their isen't any. If we were to profit from sales we would need to operate at the non member rates for all shooters.