Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inflation and clay target prices

Is the club holding the line on raising the price of targets?

Falling on there sword to keep it affordable for all members, especially those on fixed incomes?

Have you taking dollar inflation into consideration, the hidden cost.

Revenue loses may be greater than the club thinks...

In 2005, a club charged $12 per 100 targets ($3 per round of 25).

Using a federal inflation calculator, in 2008 dollars, the club should be charging $13.12 per 100, just to keep up with inflation.

The club is actually losing $1.12 per hundred from what was charged in 2005 if prices were not raised to account for dollar inflation.

Now, add in current cost to purchase targets, maintenance of machines, and grounds upkeep.

The same dollar inflation is also happening each time you don't raise membership fees or fees for using other ranges on the club.

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