Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost Target Odds & Ends, Sep 18 2009

Jim Waterman.

Rochester Brooks (Rush NY) is hosting a registered target sporting clays event on Sat September 26th.

Jim Waterman is leaving his job as manager of Rochester Brooks after that day.

Jim's even handed management of the club will be missed by all...



Reloaded .410 shells for a shoot at the Underhill club this weekend.

I think the first .410 shells loaded this year. Checking hulls in preparation I found a few burn holes and discarded. If not, a good chance of hull separation during the shoot.

I don't have any .410 targets recorded on my shoot card and don't expect to see any on the card after this shoot until this time next year unless we attend a shoot that happens to be offering .410 on the day we shoot.

This is the only shoot this year where I will shoot 4-guns. I'm only shooting 4-guns because a large number of shooters at the club attended many shoots in past years at my home club and in my mind I owe them. May sound like baloney from my end on why I'm shooting 4-guns at Underhill, but if you know me you know that's how I think.

I enjoy registered skeet, just not into two day skeet shoots anymore...



Shooting the last registered targets of the year at the La Roue du Roy on Oct 3rd,

12 & 20.

The club is in Hemmingford, Quebec.


Sporting Clays.

We're attending the end of year shoot at Beaver River on the 27th.

Mostly hand traps. A $40 shoot fee that includes lunch.

A well run shoot and everyone always has a good time.

The club is southeast of Watertown, NY.

Photos & Video from last September.

Thinking of attending a shoot at Vernon National Shooting Preserve on Oct 10. I will not decide to attend until the day before the shoot, as over a three hour drive, some over mountain roads, and if it looks like rain...


Glenrock Blue.

My Browning O/U is being reblued.

Yesterday, I received a call. They found a broken part inside the receiver and asked for permission to have it repaired by a local gun smith.

The call was appreciated as I would rather have a working gun when Glenrock Blue is finished with it and not have to send it out for repairs when returned.


Remington 1100.

My gun was sent to Gunworks of Central New York for repairs.

I called today and the gun is fixed. They stated they did a test fire.

Unfortunately, the person I talked to was not the billing department and I'm waiting on a call to settle the bill.

An under $10 part needed to be replaced, located inside the receiver. I not have the proper tool to remove and install the part so I had to send it in. After I sent it in a friend said he had such a tool. That would have saved a few bucks...

I've shot five different guns this year with scores all over the place. Hopefully, things will settle down in regard to gun repairs for 2010.


Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (Vt).

The clay target side of the club received permission to complete the modernization of the skeet operation and will be installing a set of PAT Trap Skeet machines on the last field that needed upgrading. A three field club, one with a combination skeet/trap field. The lone trap is a PAT trap with voice release.

The two fields with PAT Trap Skeet machines have been running without problem.

I don't shoot at the club in the winter, but been told the cold has not been a problem in regard to machine operation.


North Country Sportsman's Club (Vt).

The club held a fun shoot this past August.

The winners all took home fresh baked fruit pies.

A great idea...

I mentioned this to several shooters and at a shoot I was attending and all thought that receiving a pie as a prize at a small club shoot was pretty neat.

I'm seriously thinking of putting the shoot on my calendar in 2010, as I enjoy fun shoots and if lucky, can eat the prize on the way home.


Northeast Kingdom Skeet & Sporting Clays (Vt).

In a passing conversation I was told the club acquired a trap machine and the club was looking to have a field operational come 2010.

I did not verify this, so check with the club if your interested in shooting trap.


Local club.

My home club was closed a few years back by the EPA. We we're shooting over water.

We saw it coming, but the club never made contingency plans, as every time it was mentioned at a meeting it was not voted on. Those who said no did not want to raise the cost of shooting and/or the membership fee to help build a fund to purchase land at another location. Water under the bridge...

We have news that we may have a club in 2010. A small operation at first on leased land.

The first thing I hear is to help fund the club we will have to have three or four registered skeet shoots each year.

Not something I'm looking forward to, as in the past there was only three of us that could be counted on to referee shoots. You get burned out after a few years.

I have no problem jumping in an helping a club that is in a bind on the day of a shoot. I've scored skeet, sporting and trap on short notice, but a little weary of getting back into refereeing two day shoots.

Boy, am I going to feel guilty if I say no or limit my contribution of time to maybe two shoots a year....

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