Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gun safety at the club

At clay target clubs we all follow the same firearm safety rules:

• Keep your action open at all times when not on a shooting station.

• Do not load your gun until you are standing on the shooting station.

• Depending on the clay target discipline, you may only have either one or two shells in the firearm.

• Do not leave the shooting station until the gun is emptied and the action is open.

• Firearms may be placed in the shotgun racks during a cease fire and when not in use. Break action shotguns may be closed while in the rack, but must be opened as soon as they are removed from the rack. All other shotgun action types shall have the action open.

Twice this year I observed a shooter stuffing a Remington 1100 with as many shells as it would hold.

A shooter approaching the field with the bolt NOT locked to the rear. I approached the shooter and said the bolt must be locked to the rear. I was told the safety was on. I repeated that the bolt needed to be locked to the rear. When the shooter locked the bolt to the rear, a 20 gauge shell came flying out. I want to say five shells in all were ejected, but I lost count. This was a new shooter who had not been briefed on firearm safety at a clay target club.

I observed a father teaching his son how to shoot. They were on a skeet field, station #1. Once again a 1100 loaded with as many shells as it could hold. The young person was not wearing eye protection...

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