Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 19, 2010 @ the Montreal Sporting Clays Turkey Shoot

12 station, 100 target sporting clays turkey shoot @ Montreal Skeet Club, Les Cèdres, Québec.

An overcast day, sometimes a slight wind. Temperature in the neighborhood of 22 degrees (-5c). Ten miles south of the club, both coming and going, blue skies.

Not a cold 22 degrees, as it was not a damp cold. I had chemical hand warmers but not really needed.

Snow on the ground. Not a problem getting around the club.

The club picked it up a notch, offering 12 stations and 100 targets. For the winter series shoots held through April, 75 targets are presented.

We started out with a three man squad, but at the first station ran into a two man squad. We formed a 5 man squad. Made for a more enjoyable shoot.

I didn't experience any broken targets coming off a machine and did not have to re-shoot any targets.

I enjoyed the target presentations more so than from my last visit.

It was nice to see a few youth shooters at the shoot.

I brought home a turkey and will be having it for Christmas.

Not a problem crossing the border. Both Americans and Canadians seemed to be in particularly good humor. I have a 5 year Canadian Firearms License that makes for quick crossings into Canada.

American who don't have such a license can register a firearm (long gun) to bring into Canada to attend a shoot. The cost is $25 for a 60 day permit. You do the paperwork at the border the day of crossing. The Lost Target website has a page posted that provides guidance.

Feel free to email if you have any questions about bringing long guns into Canada or the USA.

Shoot Photos/Results

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