Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Deuce Weekend 2011

We shot the Spring Deuce Prelim at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club, Rush, NY on Friday and saw sunny skies and great targets.

FITASC for me was Saturday AM at 8:30. Rain, cold, and windy. I was happy to get off the two parcours.

Walked the grounds in the PM and took a number of photos, to include Prelim, small gauge and additional FITASC photos. The rain let up some in the PM, but the wind started to blow harder then what we saw in the AM.

Machines on the course were worked on immediately if a problem. I observed club workers constantly driving around filling machines when needed.

All the club workers seem to be in good spirits. 16 stations and no sour grapes...

Shooting the main event on Sunday. High winds in the forecast.


Sunday saw winds and temperatures the low 40's. Ended up wearing my winter jacket.

17 stations.

I liked the target presentaions. Only one station, a true pair, that I thought a target needed to be set a bit higher. A few problems with the wind, but the refs were quick to call "NO TARGET" if the target flew off course.

Shoot Photos

I failed to mention my vehicle was not able to depart the designated parking area on Saturday and the club tractor had to pull it out of the mud!

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