Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cost to Reload 12 Gauge as of March 2012

I received pricing information for a club component order. Some clubs allow for members to piggy back on club orders. A big savings on shipping and at times a nice price break, as the club is purchasing in bulk.

I ran the numbers on my sites cost calculator for my 12 gauge loads using 700X. I also ran a second set of numbers with less expensive powder and primers.

I didn't include hulls, as I have not had to purchase same for several years. I also didn't include the clubs surchage, as I will be visiting the suppliers place of business next month.

* Lead was quoted at $32.95.

1oz, 12 Gauge.

700X Powder, Claybuster Wads, Hard Shot, Winchester Primers.

$42.54 per case.


1oz, 12 Gauge.

Promo Powder, Claybuster Wads, Hard Shot, Cheddite Primers.



I can purchase Estates and other low cost brands of shells for around $52 a case. Cabela's is currently running a special on shipping and has Estates on sale, so I don't even have to search for a deal.

Do I reload 10 cases of shells and save approximately $100 or purchase factory shells?

The answer for me is to purchase the reloading supplies, but to also purchase factory ammunition for the days I don't want to look at the reloader.

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