Monday, May 21, 2012

4300 Series Long Range Clay Target Release

Sunday I dropped in at Club de tir L'Acadie (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec).

Did a little shooting and also shot a short video.


A little of everything; bunker trap, 5-stand, skeet, FITASC and trap.  Enough video to give you a sample of what the club offers.  The club also supports International Skeet, as well as pistol, rifle, and archery.

The club manager showed me his new toy.  A Long Range wireless clay target release controller that he had installed on the practice eight (8) machine FITASC parcour. 

An eyeball estimate, but he was releasing targets from a distance of 100 yards, to include report pair and true pair.

In the video you see huge green steel containers that machines are stored in.  Even inside the containers the supplied antenna worked 100%.  The antenna did have a cord so they could be located outside the container, but no need!

During a round of practice not one no bird call!

If I was in the market I would install such a system on a 5-stand without hesitation.


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  1. We have one at Golden Triangle, and its the best money we ever spent!

  2. Vancouver Gun Club has 4300 for 5 stand and 2sets of remotes with more coming for the long well hidden machines on Sporting Clays

  3. We have the original Long Range at our club and it works flawlessly. Never had a trap I couldn't communicate with.

    Saves a bundle of time setting up the 5 stand each day. Never have the same field 2 days in a row.

    Doug Bailey
    Barrie Gun Club