Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm Florida Challenge

An article in the June issue of the NSCA magazine Sporting Clays in regard to the four day Florida Challenge sporting clays shoot got me moving on a project I had been thinking of.
I had been kicking around posting a shortened version of the video I posted in March, with results added. Seeing the article gave me the push to get it done.


Original video was shot on March 4, 2012.

The 200 target main event was shot over two sporting clays courses at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, Graham, Florida.

Day to day operations at the club sees two 14 station sporting clays courses, elevated five stand, and a combination five stand / skeet field.  Visitors welcomed!

For major shoots the club has the option to close its 1000 yard rifle range and use it as a third sporting clays course.  For the Challenge the rifle range was closed and one of the three courses was dedicated to 50 target sub-gauge events.

In the video you will see two side by side five stands that were installed for the Challenge, thus freeing up the clubs main five stand near the clubhouse for practice.

The club plans for this four day shoot (FITASC 100 targets, small gauge, five stand,
preliminary, and 200 target main event) to be an annual shoot held the first weekend of March each year.

I counted three parking areas and carts were available for rental.  I mention the parking as sometimes an issue when a club does not have the capability to hold a large shoot, as space is at a premium.  Not the case at Bradford!

The club is near Starke, maybe 15 minutes.  Starke has a Walmart, restaurants and several motels.

Gainsville, a major university city is to the southwest.  My mapping program shows a Holiday Inn Express (Exit 384, I-75) and other major motel chains, 37 minutes from the club.

To the northeast you can find a nice cluster of motels off Exit 351, I-10, 35 minute drive time.

* To be on the safe side, I would add ten minute drive time from motels listed.

See you at next years shoot...


Guns in the News, the Lost Target website

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