Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Remington 1100 Feed Latch Replaced

Was cleaning a Remington 1100 today and when I removed the trigger group the Feed Latch fell out.  I've re-staked the feed latch numerous times in the past, but doesn't hold for long (an older model).  I purchased a device from Brownells several years back for re-staking, but you can use a small punch. 

Has come to the point I expect the latch to fall out every time I remove the trigger group.  I only remove the trigger group maybe once every two or three months, or if I was out shooting in wet weather, so more of an irritant then anything.

 I purchased a spare feed latch this past winter and went ahead and installed it.  Will see what happens.  Have read you can place a couple spots of glue behind the latch, but not ready to go there.  A loose latch does not affect the operation of the gun, just a pain when pulling the trigger group. The old latch went in the spare parts bag. I've never seen one break, but you never know!

As I was fiddling around with the gun the Magazine Spring went flying.  An opportunity to clean the tube before putting it back. I usually clean this part of the gun once a year, but as long as the spring was already out...

 I also checked the spare parts bag I carry at shoots, as its been a while.  I found the spare Piston/Seal to have a grayish crud like build up on it.  I suspect salt got at it from my time in Florida.  Along the coast, salt is always in the air.  The piston/seal is presently soaking in Break Free.  If I find its pitted after the soaking I'll try steel wool, but if no luck will throw in the garbage and replace.


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