Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting Canada with your firearm (gun)

A simple process to bring your shotgun or rifle into Canada to hunt or to attend a shooting event.
You first stop at U.S. customs and fill out Customs Form 4457.  You proceed to Canadian customs, declare your firearms and complete CAFC 909 Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form. Pay $25 Canadian and proceed to your destination.

The process is described here:  Bringing Firearms Into Canada

Be reminded that an enhanced drivers license (land crossings only) or passport is required to return to the USA. An everyday drivers license is no longer acceptable.

The purpose of this posting is for those who insist on bringing handguns into Canada.  NOT ALLOWED except for those who are serious competitors, and even then may not be approved.  In any case, a handgun entry must be pre-approved prior to attempting to enter Canada.

Leave your handgun at home... 

Handguns land U.S. man in jail

74-year-old didn’t declare them at border


SARNIA - A 74-year-old American caught at the Blue Water Bridge with 11 handguns has been fined $30,000 and sentenced to nearly five and a half months in jail.

John McMullen, from the western U.S., pled guilty to not declaring the guns and possession of prohibited guns Monday in Sarnia court.

McMullen crossed the border Aug. 3, 2011 on his way to Peterborough to visit friends, and had been driving continually from Colorado with most of his possessions packed in a minivan.

He had met the Peterborough family after billeting the family's son years ago in Denver, Colorado.

McMullen had worked as a construction contractor.

One of the guns found in a case in the seat behind the driver was loaded.

The guns were in his lawful possession in the U.S. and investigation showed he had no "nefarious" intentions, said defence lawyer Ken Marley.

People have a duty to declare guns when entering Canada, said federal prosecutor Michael Robb.
The guns were forfeited to the Crown following the conviction and a 10-year weapons ban in Canada was imposed.

McMullen was deported from Canada when court proceedings ended. He will be seeking permission from the Canadian government at a later date so he can visit his friends, said McMullen.

He also said he knows his return to Canada to face the charges was unusual. Nearly all Americans released on bail after being charged with gun offences at the border never return. In those cases the bail money is forfeited to the Crown.

McMullen was held in custody until $35,000 bail was posted in January. The jail time was emotionally trying on the man, who has no criminal record, said Marley.


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  1. Gun seizure at Peace Bridge


    Canada Border Services Agency announcing a firearms seizure at the Peace Bridge earlier this month.

    Officials say a Florida resident attempted to enter Canada with a commerical shipment.

    After being questioned by a border guard, the man said he would be in Canada for the day and declared one shotgun.

    He was sent over to secondary inspection, where customs agents found a semi automatic hangun and 10 loaded magazines concealed in the bottom of a homemade toilet in the cab of his truck.

    The 63 year old man was charged with smuggling and making false statements.